Why the droopy leaves?

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    Greetings again fellow farmers,
    Started my 4th grow, always looking to learn cause there's so much to know! Anyway, this droopy leaf thing has happened to me the past two grows and I'm not sure what causes it. Thought I would post a couple pics to see if someone can quickly say it's "blah blah blah..."

    Set up: Well, things have not gone well on start up this time! Light died, new ph pen died, then 400 watt MH bulb died... all within a day or so of each other. Everything to replace is on its way, but currently this is a sativa/kush hybrid, mostly sativa growing in a DWB, single plant, two air stones, roots have reached the water (plant is 15 days post germination), under a single large 6500K 3400 lumen CFL (emergency back up!), a light fertilization of Technoflora Receipt for success grow formula (ppm 256), ph 5.7-6.2 (measured by my back up POS ph pen I have until my new new one comes..., and confirmed with test strips). This is a different plant. It started off with three baby leaves and has continued that tripple sprouting onward, instead of the usual (in my experience) two. It also grew a very tall stem initially eventhough I had plenty of light close by.

    Anyway, take a look and if you have ideas please comment. Thanks.

    Well, I have no idea why my pictures are not posting... will try again, but if anyone has info on droopy leave you can post anyway!!!
  2. I have the same problem with pics.... whats the temp of the soup?
  3. Sorry it took a bit to respond... gonna try to upload some pics again, we'll see. Temp of the res is a good question... lately it has been quite cool since I had to use my emergency CFLs so a lot less heat. Previously it was in the upper 70s near 80 with the 400w MH, so I had turned on the overhead fan to reduce room temps, but then shortly afterwards my light went down.

    Got the new light today (GOOD customer service... makes all the difference) so we'll see. Plant is less droopy, but did note some droop on the edge of the newer leaves, just like the others only less so. If the pics load, tell me what you think. PPM still 232, ph 5.7 per questionable pen (hope the new one shows today!)


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  4. Previous pics are now loading... these from original post a few days ago.

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  5. Try lowering your water level to halfway. You are essentially "over watering".
  6. Great advise it worked for me.
  7. I'm fairly new to growing however I don't think your leaves look that droopy. They seem fine, did they just wake up?

    But essentially I've heard droopy leaves mean too much water and or not enough light.
  8. Thanks for the thoughts. In essence, there is no way to reducing watering (other than shutting off the pump, which I probably can do now) since the roots have reached the res. I was only using 3 gallons in the res instead of 6 since there was no reason to put that much water in... would cost more nutes too. Eventually I go full res, as it also helps keep temps down. Plant looks better today, now under a 400w MH. Res temps high at 82 degrees so I may need to go 6 gallons soon. This plant also has a strong smell for its size already... none of my other grows had that much scent even flowering.

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