Why Reason? WHY!?

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  1. Instead of asking the meaning of life or why we are here, I believe there is a better question. Why do humans posses the unique ability of reason? That is the difference between other animals and ourselves.

    Instinct is perfection. Animals don't deviate from their cradle to grave path; they are programmed for one allotted goal and they respond in instinctual manner to the stimulus that encompasses existence. There is no void, no reason, no questions. There just is. This a lone seems to bring about a symbiotic harmony of cycles that is nature.

    Humans deviate from instinct through reason. Reason was like the metaphorical eye opening of existence on earth. It no longer is. Why is it? Reason is the destruction of nature. We no longer fit into the harmony of nature; we step outside of nature and fuck it until we are satisfied, the metaphorical ejaculation onto mother nature's face.

    I feel as if we interrupted the ebb and flow of life on Earth. We stepped in and stopped the natural cycles and often tried to manipulate them.

    In a selfish sense, reason is great. Humans thrived and advanced at an unnerving rate in comparison with other animals, but it was at the expense of nature. Whether or not this is good or bad is up to you.

    I'm not saying humans caused the destruction of the earth. But maybe we were sent here for that reason. Why not?

    Maybe the universe is our playground, and like many monotheists like to believe, we are it. We are the holy grail of existence; fuck evolution. I hope not. Or else god would be pretty mundane.

    I have no opinion. No reason on the subject of reason. What do you think?
  2. this has been on my mind lately, more concerning the fact that everything we do is based on other peoples lives or morals or values that we have been brought into, in relevance to the human necessity to come up with a reason and define everything i think its just part of the way we've evolved as communication became more complexed and cultures developed and societies formed.

    when we come into this world everything is predefined, pre-explained, we need figure out little as we've accumulated masses of data about just about everything we would naturally question

    i mean this allows to get past our primordial fears of whats on the other side of the fence in terms of dangers, survival, living. for example your a gazelle and you've just found a new watering hole, you start drinking and you become startled as a lion pulls up. you start backing away because instinct tells you danger, but the lion simply sits by the water and starts drinking as well. you acknowledge the fact that hes civil and conclude that the REASON hes there is not to hunt but to drink so you too drink and you both drink together. lets say this happens multiple times and soon its established that when we come here to drink we drink in peace because the REASON we've both shown up is to drink.

    i think everything that has intelligence has some sort of reasoning skills and our intelligence is at the top here on earth so we have made the most reason out of the most things possible that is within our grasp of comprehension at this point in time

    but i think we've steered way too far from the tree of life and have forgotten we are a product of this earth. theres just so much going on in our little egotistic ignorant lives to stop and smell the roses these days.
  3. to say that we are unnatural is egotistical. we wouldnt be here if nature didnt create us, and to say that reason is bad is downplaying natures greatest gift.

    the real question you should be asking is why did nature create a world which favors the ability to reason?
  4. I think our reasoning has allowed us to utilize Earth's resources better, which is why it's an evolutionary advantage.
  5. is natural selection not some sort of reasoning???

    it is, everything with any bit of intelligence has the ability to reason, reasoning skills.



    if we ignore these i think our reasoning would be a bit more.... reasonable
  6. I don't want power, and I'm assuming you don't either.

    Money allows us to live comfortably, materialism allows us to have fun and be individuals, and the ego is the most important of all of those things.

    Without pride, what would be the value of achieving anything? I'm proud of myself for all of my accomplishments, and that motivates me to do more.

    Every action you take part in strokes your ego. You wouldn't do something if you didn't want to, for whatever reason. Even saying, "I'm not egotistic" allows you to fuel your ego, because other people dislike pride. It makes them feel less proud of themselves.

    Power is another story... I guess it really depends on how you define power. Power over yourself is something we should all strive for. Power over others is something no one should have (with the exceptions of children and the elderly).

    Along with the ability to reason comes the ability to reflect on one's self. This is why people "take advantage" and "selfishly manipulate" the world around them. This is completely normal, there is nothing unnatural about it. Some people are evil and don't respect others for what they are, people. That doesn't mean that we are doing something wrong as a species, it means some individuals are bastards.

    Reason is the only thing that allows us to stop using our instincts. This is important because, and I'm not sure you've noticed this, the natural world is much more destructive than our own. Some animals, under the guide of instinct, eat their young. Does that sound peaceful or reasonable to you? It doesn't to me. That is only the tip of the ice berg, too. Instinctual animals can be much more violent and grotesque than that.

  7. You're absolutely right and it breaks my heart, until the world has a spiritual awakening you're absolutely right

    If an animal eats its young under the guide of instinct I don't really blame the poor thing because it only has so much brain power to interpret its feelings and make decisions, I wouldn't look at it as grotesque or violent, I would look at it and call it nature, which can be very grotesque and violent.
  8. I think the question here is:

    Why do humans possess the ability to think abstract thoughts?
  9. I don't blame them, either. They don't have control over those actions; it is programmed into the animals brain. That doesn't mean it isn't violent, however.

    Also, I don't believe the world will ever have the spiritual awakening you are looking for. Spiritual awakenings happen pretty cyclically. The last one our society had was in the 60s and 70s and completely removed the mindset of the 40s and 50s and installed a new set of values. It will happen again, but I don't think it will give importance to the values you want it to.

    It is unfortunate but you are stuck in this world. If there is something you don't like you need to first achieve your perfect world for yourself and show it to others in a hope to persuade them to emulate your perfect world. You can't hope that the spiritual awakening happens, you can't force others through coercive governments to change, all you can do is educate people and create a model which they can emulate.

    If you think there is too much violence and selfishness in the world, you need to try to become free of violence and selfishness and show the world why becoming free of these traits is good.

  10. absolutely on point my friend

    such is what i seek and such is my journey this time around

    ive come to realize that sometimes we absolutely need to experience things to understand them and such is a problem with spirituality as it takes time and your experience through life to help you find it.

    but what about a jump start? i offer to anyone that accepts a little bit of insanity, of course with proper preparation, but a nice dose of the spirit molecule. its a nice start to aid in the unfolding process, i want to touch as many as time allows.
  11. I've brewed my own ayahuasca many times, my friend ;).

  12. then you must have wrote something down somewhere i would love to read some of your adventures.

    It was so life changing for me I did not come back as I left; so many veils were lifted and sheaths drawn back. I went as far as I could my first time and I believe I tapped the pure spirit, such overwhelming feelings had me sitting in my house for days putting puzzles together and seeking some answers. Im aiming for the 7th plane, but aren't we all?
  13. I quite literally forgot who I was. I was laughing hysterically calling myself retarded because everything I had once known was gone. It was even difficult for me to walk or sit down. As I started to come back to reality the parts about myself that I hated most came back first, followed by things about myself that I hated less, followed by the things about myself that I was indifferent to, followed by the things about myself that I enjoyed.

    It was a pretty big eye opener as far as the things I wanted to change in my life. Unfortunately I feel as though I was a bit preoccupied with all of that to enjoy the snakes and gators and the stars and the elves which are so common with dimethyltryptamine and ayahuasca.

  14. the ego death hit hardest in terms of realizing it, such profound sensations are felt its like i want to go right now then i remember how intense it is so i convince myself i dont need it which i really dont.

    The thing about me is that I start talking like at least midway prob around 4 min with an inhaled dose and I start going off on all crazy shit about the universe and dimensions and curiosity and how it's the key to all things, the initial spark of the question, just shit like that. I actually have it recorded

    Now everyone else that I know of or been with that's done it just sits there until they come back and sure they're mind blowed but im always like begging them to tell me what they witnessed and what can they put together from the experience and its usually the same thing of each of their atoms being analyzed or probed and just the usual crazy shit but hey at least they got that much.

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