Why r my leafs curling

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  1. Right so I have 1 tangerreen dream (sorry but can't spell it. I have just cropped a White widow witch will be getting cured to day. But I have just come to my dream and a few of the leafs have stared to curl its about a month old, grown under one 600w hps lamp with air in take and out. Can any one tell me why. Or yh it's only had water for the last week before I put it in to flower.......
  2. Thees r the picks

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  3. Looks to me liek a case of over watering
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    I thort this but it can't be that cos I have just gave it a week of water and just started to feed it a gain just be for I flower it??????? And thanks man
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    its letting light to the lower parts of the plant lol! I dunno just a therie... allong with my poor gramor OH OH you got tangerine dream!?!??!!? I want that plant so bad! lol and you got plenty of light for her I am only running a 250w hps... :( but if I had any more my room would be like a heat wave. I have a very simple set up. light, one big fan and thats it lol
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    I don't no. I'll just put it in to flower and see how it comes out. But yh your set up probaly the same as mine but I use one 600w hps with one 6" intake no out take. Just cropped my White widow with 14.6oz from one plant. But the dream won't do as good. But still do good lol :)

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