Why Prostitution and Gambling are REALLY illegal

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  1. Here's my idea of why: the government doesn't want people to make good money fast, legally. So any way that can make you lots of money fairly easily with no skill, they make illegal and then try to make it a "moral" reason. Well let me tell you. I could come up with a moral reason for about every damn thing we do that's legal for why we shouldn't.

    Prostitution is good good money, super quick, they don't want it to be accepted or nobodies could easily become some bodies. Gambling is illegal because again, nobody can turn into someone
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  2. Makes sense, most legal sources of gambling were started by the Italian Mafia.
  3. Governments have our best interests at heart. I can feel it in my gut every time they kick it.
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  4. That too, they'd rather it be black market just like weed.

    Plus, the no skills thing really gets to them. They like it when you have to go to college to get a degree and pay more money to take certifications among other things and what not. And porn industry, the actors would easily make that kinda money that a college career would offer.

    Gambling - well, it's based on luck. It's not illegal for our protection, it's illegal because they want to control the odds of said gambling. Notice how government gambling is fine in some states. You can play VA lottery here, which actually helps funds our schools, that's a form of gambling, lottery tickets.
  5. I like your perspective. People with money gain power and might undermine the government, so they feel threatened and intimated by the power of others.

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  6. What part of va are you from
  7. Doesn't matter, Virginia Lottery - Wikipedia It's right here. I mean wiki isn't a reliable source but you can go to the sources wiki provides and look for yourself.

    Playing Matters Here's the site. They are independently owned, but nonetheless, they're a state lottery which profits directly go towards K-12 Public schools. They also probably have quite a say in controlling the odds of a winner.
  8. I was just wondering. I'm stuck in Virginia Beach right now
  9. while I think that logic applies to some things for sure, I don't know that they do to gambling and prostitution. If you look at gambling as the opportunity to get rich quick, you are doing it wrong! be careful lol. Same with prostitution I would imagine. I don't see a lot of good looking hookers getting busted on cops dude, and they certainly don't look like they got money!
    There are some that do well, the really high class ones for sure. And yes its "illegal" but getting a prostitution charge generally means free room and board and a hot meal that night. One could argue that the poor are the ones who would engage in these activities more and that making them illegal is a way to control them. And gambling is definitely not illegal, its just highly regulated and of course, taxed.
    Had a new casino open up about 10 miles down the road from me. If it were in vegas it would be the 4th largest resort. They are making money hand over fist and it aint poor people going there!
    Gambling is similar to the argument against drugs. Prostitution's illegality is probably connected more to religious reasoning.
  10. There are prostitutes (and strippers for that matter) whose take home daily will put the average working person to shame.

    There are strippers in FL who make thousands a night. Same with high end prostitutes. We see the impoverished junkie prostitutes on TV, but in reality it can be and is a lucrative business for many people.
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  11. That's what they tell you. They make it a "moral" reason when in reality, the real reason is for what ^ (spliffington) said above. You just have to be good looking. And in case you haven't seen, if you cake enough makeup on your face, you can turn an ugly prod into a beauty. And even if you aren't good looking, there are plenty of dudes with weird fetishes who actually enjoy certain things many wouldn't.

    It's not a "get rich quick scheme" per se, but it certainly is a very easy way to make relatively good money, pretty quickly, with no skill or education whatsoever.

    And as far as gambling, it's based solely on luck, you don't need to be rich or poor to win per se. VA lottery for example, I could enter the powerball now and win millions. My grandfather won the powerball in the 90s, it was over a million dollars. He actually saved it and used it responsibly (meaning he only ever touched it if it was an emergency). He knew how to keep his money and make more money. It's (relatively) easy to make more money, once you've got money. But making money when you have none (or little) to start is so much more difficult.
  12. Tax free money is the biggest enemy of the government.
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  13. It's always about the money. After they worked out how to tax gambling they had no problem making it legal. If they could reliably tax prostitution they'd legalize that too.
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  14. The mafia started the lottery too, they called it the numbers game and they actually put a lot more thought into it than most people realize.

    I think a large part has to do with most of these ways to make money deal with cash and it's too easy to skip the tax man.
  15. This is it right here. In Colorado the piece of shit known as governor Hickenlooper went public, very public with his anti weed shit but once we told him to go blow a goat and legalized it anyhow he saw how much money he could steal from the stores and changed his tune rather drastically.
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    Why wouldn't a government want that? Casinos have you fill out a tax form if your earnings are high enough, it would seem like the extra tax revenue would be welcomed. Not to mention the individual earnings of the employees are taxable as well.

    There is nothing stopping individuals from moving to Las Vegas and playing poker for a living, there's people who make tons on that.

    Gambling is a very addictive activity, it works the same as drug use. There's a reason you have to be 21 (in the US). I could see why it's illegal although I don't think it should be. I do tend to think the government hides behind "what is morally right" to do pretty messed up things.

    I mean, if you supported bernie sanders, who supports consumer protection laws, then it seem like you would want the government would force casinos to adhere to strict standards otherwise it would be rife with fraud.

    If you walk in there thinking its a quick way to make good money you'll lose whatever you have.
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