why plants become yellow

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  1. well my plants are doin fine till this month, somehow its becomin yellow :(
    my ph is 6.5 which is avg.
    and i water my plants every 3 days, but since i saw its becomin yellow, so i start feedin my plants with plant food, (miracle-goo plant food) once every 6 days, between that, i water my plants just water
    now its gettin more yellow, whats goin on!!!
    please help me out, those are my first plants

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  2. as far as i kno from experience and hearing from others that usually happens when the plant is flowering, as long as ur plant isn't wilting and all of your leaves arent yellow its normal, thats just a big fan leaf also i have a few of those turning yellow and falling off
  3. also dont feed it too much nutrients that also could kill them
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    You're plants look great for a Sativa! You should be proud if this is your first grow.:hello:

    Nothing wrong with yellowing, it occurs at this stage.

    After closer inspection on one of those photos, Im worried that you've got a male there. Can we get any better budsite shots?
  5. thanks u guys, and yes this is my first grow
    its almost sept and it enterin flowerin stage :D
    cant freakin wait!!!!

    and ^^
    u got 420 post!!!

    SMOKE UP :smoke:
  6. which one!!???!!???
    the one with less leaves or one with bunch of leaves

    edit: my camara cant get a really good close shot
    it a cheap ass camara
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    The lanky one, second from left on the top row, is that your possible male? Looks suspect...can't say for sure, appears to have balls and pollen sacs, but its fuzzy.

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