why? only you know the anwser?keep it to your self!

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  1. i tryed to help a memeber here and they must have missunder stode my offer !how sad ,i have been working day and night on my new med weed strain and i must be over the edge so far i dont know it !i have lost my self helping others and when i came to help some one i thought was a freind they didnt know me !have i been gone that long ,am i not tazz11 ,maybe not you all!in fact i have been smokeing less and less and this is just another reason for me to go my own way !i have given out some of the best strain in the world from one side of the usa to the other and to the medwest as well , i started the nny.cco.op.and i am the president and it is now 42 members strong ,all breeders and growers with in 75 miles of my home ! i am working with many all over the world each day now i am a internationial breeder and grower now and my wisdom well not let me just step away ! but dose it all matter if one loses his freinds along the way !i guess i well leave the city before this ink drys apone the page ,and go read a 1000 pages before the sun rises ! if i can stand the skull pain that is ,i well ,i well !i guess? good luck tazz11
  2. Hey Tazz, haven't seen you around in a while.

    Friends will come and friends will go. True friends will be around forever.

    Some people can't be helped!!!!!
  3. hows it going old freind ,i was think about you the other day ,before i offerd clones to some one should have gone with imy frist idea! the secound one could care less !i hope you are doing well ,i was going to ask you if you would like some clones dude !i sent out some two a few place in the usa !and i am working my self in to the ground like that would be a bad thing now ! hows dose some work so hard to become a internationial grower / breeder and end up hateing it at times and other times i cannt live with out it ! i got some of the rareist strains in the world,everyone thinks i got so much more and i feel i have lost some thing at the same time ! people would pray for the strains i have now !just breath taken ,a lot of hard work and i just aint done yet !i dont know if if i ever well be !i put a pic in the picture forum check it out ,you'll see what i mean ! would you like some of the rareist clones in the world dude !i got lost of them to spare for freinds as well as breeding both male and female clones ,i dont know why i set my goals so high maybe i was stoned at the time lol , i just traded pollen for pollen with one of the best growers in europe! at the same time my new nny cco.op. company took off like a jet dude i am the president and i gave out clones to 42 members so far and they give me more weed than i can smoke free they have never had weed strains as strong as these and the cco.op. rules here now for 75 miles around ,everone wants to be a member now !i dont know dude it just aint what i want really,i guess !i got a kick strain called Orange fig widow she is just something to watch grow !some is cia for that matter and the g13 xhp twphr is better than i had hoped it would be!i even found her a mate ,ak47 f2 quad- whorlets phyllotaxy male !let me know about the clones i'll hook you up dude ,it well take years for these strains to get cheaper ! like suger klingon thats at over $700 at cbay and i just pollen to make three crosses ! so pm me dude i check my pms here most of the time at lest once a day !good luck tazz11

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