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Discussion in 'General' started by chen, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. must christina aguilera insist on outdoing herself everytime she goes out in public. everytime i see her she gets scarier and scarier. it's like watching one of those elapsed time videos of a carcass decomposing.

    case in point: http://us.news2.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/ap/20040302/capt.cjp10103020636.kidman_honored_cjp101.jpg

    look at tom hanks. hes afraid she'll rub off on him and ruin his multi thousand dollar suit. or her makeup will touch his skin and eat right through it.

    not to mention that the fake tanning fad has got to stop. sorry but RUSTY NAIL is not a good color on anyone
  2. i agree with you whole heartedly.

    yet: i'd hit it.
  3. thats jus disgusting
  4. Woah.....

    Knew this girl in my old school who rubbed tanning oil all over her body....it didnt turn out right she looked like an orange....
  5. when genie in a bottle came out she looked FINE......but now she add's so much make up, and has done for so long, that i think she's lost those natural good looks she once had........Peace out......Sid
  6. girls always look better natural (well...most girls). I never understood some people's obsession with tanning so dark. It doesn't look good and it doesn't look healthy. If I want to rub on some leather, I'll go find a cow.

  7. I'd also hit it

  8. hahaha yea some of the tanning stuff does that.
    People try and try to wash it off but it just doesn't come out..
    Get it as a "gift" for someone you don't like for the funniest revenge ever. :p

  9. i agree... even little/no makeup is cool w/ me. but id still love to do christina cuz im willing to be money she's a wild girl in the sack... nipples and clit piercings... anal is almost a given w/ a girl like her ;)

  10. she covered it up with MORE MAKEUP. makeup solves everything supposedly

  11. LMAO......i nearly choked on my cornflakes there........lol.....Peace out.......Sid
  12. Christina looks NASTY without make up.... way worse than that picture...

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