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    Well one day I get this REALLY old bud. but it looked like it was good at one point. so I figure, "what the hell. the seeds probably won't sprout." but low and behold, It fucking sprouted! :eek: so to save myself from the potential that this bud won't be good period (probably won't) I'm just gonna flower it immediately. Go figure it's a mutant sprout.

    DAY 2
  2. well here's just an update.

    Day 7

    Still kinda deformed
  3. hey brotha, if your using CFLs which it looks like you are...drop those things down low. I keep mine like an inch if even that, away from my plants. I personally think plants veg better under cfls or regular florescent tubes.
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    looks like it's a bit more deformed than I thought. If you look closely under the newest set of fan leaves you'll see what looks like a second main cola growing, too big and out of place to be a node.

    DAY 15
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    Well now that it's well into 12/12 it's starting to grow just fine. if not, really well.

    DAY 21
  6. Update:

    well it revealed it's sex today
    DAY 25
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    She's getting enormous.

    DAY 30

    And here's the setup if anyone wanted to know

  8. Have you grown using this type of set up before? I'm curious to see how it turns out-
  9. not a full start to finish grow. in fact you can see my first and second in the right side there. they're almost done (I hope)
  10. Any changes in the little girls?
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    here's another update and goddamn is she pretty

    day 38
  12. So did you immediately start using a 3200K bulb (or similar) once the plant sprouted or did you wait a little while? Same question with 12/12. or did you start with 2?/? and then move from there. THanks man
  13. so you used a regular bag seed and are trying to make it dank?
  14. ^^yes I did and I think it might work because some of the hairs just turned purple.
    (it's hard to see in the picture though)


    day 45
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    well it's swelling really good now. it's hard to believe that this was once nasty dirt bud. not sure what I'm going to call it yet but it's starting to smell like cheese.
    day 57
  16. well She's been cut. dry weight was 11 grams (little disappointing) her name is cheese. to be honest it was decent chron but not awesome. needless to say next time gonna go with better seeds.

    DAY 84
    (other branch was cut the day before)
  17. Nice little harvest, doesn't really look done to me though. You could've probably let it go longer especially using cfls.

    If you want a bigger yield next time use a lot more cfls, or get a 100-250 watt hps. Using a better strain won't get you a bigger yield, but it'd probably be better bud than bagseed.
  18. ya my downfall tends to be that I'm an impatient bastard

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