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  1. Just blazed in my closet and decided I would invite you to listen to this news I have. Say what you want, but please keep it positive :) here we go!

    Within the past 6 months I managed to break 3 bongs. My 4 year old, favorite pipe, broke as well. It cracked and the bowl caved in... I think I smoked through a bowl completely? hahaha.

    So the first bong i broke was just a typical story where it was bumped off a bench while blazing. Nothing could be done so whatever, anyone who's owned a bong they carry around for on the go blazing probably knows this.
    So a week later I bought another bong with a perc. It was pretty cool but i was carrying it in a soccer bag (for my soccer boots) so it hangs low cause it has really long straps, and it got kicked by my workboots! It was cheap glass with the bowl, and stem inside, so it broke right then and there. I had that bong for about a week or two haha.. i was in shock basically, because i took such good care of everything before that. I was the guy that would always have to look after the blaze group ( I know im not the only one ;) )

    So I rebought the same bong that i just broke because it was a sweet bong for about $100CAD. But that one just broke before I blazed in my closet... It happened today. He'res the story:
    My buddy came over for a bit, he just got back from a long drive and it was noon. I took the bong out and left it on the table for about 5 mins while i got my blaze stuff ready. My friend then left, and I proceeded to be excited as i was about to rip ice + cold water bong tokes with my dank shit. But I came back to grab the bong and fill it up with ice, and i notice its on the tile ground. Only thing I can think of, is that one of my cats knocked it down when i was quickly getting ready. /sigh. So because of that I ripped a couple pipe bowls off my new pipe i have. I don't like it as much as my other pipe though, that's for sure.

    So now I got some Tech N9ne playing,(underground rap king [ known for fast rapping, crazy flow, and being hated by the rap industry cause he made his own record label with Travis O'Guin and did their own shit. (Strange Music. Inc.) Im now trippin from my bowls, watching my dog roll around on my bed, and hoping this post becomes a success and not a terrible trip post that doesn't get any views or anything ahahah.

    Take it easy Grasscity! Stay High!
  2. Wow what a terrible collection of stories. I would literally rather pee out barbed wire than read that again. Are you aware you start each new transition with "so"?
  3. really??
    was there any need?
    how long did u spend typing this? u could have done something much more productive with your time like watch paint dry or watch the grass grow
  4. Or hit on stonerchick1990....
  5. Why are you guys assholes?

    OP, careful with the bongs. They don't like to break.
  6. Why not
  7. never understood why people come to "real life stories" to bitch about people telling stories

    it's like the only section of this site where people act like douche bags to eachother
  8. lol at your picture bro. I've seen that gorilla munch

  9. some ones butthurt
  10. when your a girl online everyone's a predator.
  11. assholes! Bongs are not the best for carrying with you. A sweet bubbler might be better for your situation, and they can rip as smooth as a small bong.
  12. why so serious??
    hav a spliff pal
  13. disgusting
  14. i know yeah, sincerest apologies :p
  15. [quote name='"Prism Tino"']Why are you guys assholes?

    OP, careful with the bongs. They don't like to break.[/quote]

    Thank you for that. Some people think its a damn crime to write something on here.

    Op, damn it sounds like you have had some shitty luck. Save up your money and get a nice thick glass bong.
  16. Yea dude I agree with what you said, and I think people on grasscity take it too serious like if they have alot of rep they get all hardass like they know everything and are the coolest people. Like they troll a story for no reason just to be a dick.
  17. Dude it was glass.. they don't last forever.. Just take some pictures of it and name it.
  18. chill out your in the chill out zone
    talkin about people takin things too serious haha ehhh pot....kettle catch my drift
    were only having the laugh u should try it u might just like it :smoke:

  19. sorry you got all butthurt man. my apologies


  20. out of curiosity if it was so unproductive why did you take the time to read it then?

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