Why not be Agnostic?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by thccrystals, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. me too. i beleive what i believe in, and i dont have no rules to follow. i like the ten commandments though. cept the name in vein shit. jesus christ what a god damn stupid rule.
  2. i think everyone is agnostic. nobody can prove either way that god exists, or that god doesn't exist.

    whether they want to admit this fact or not.

    so yeah. everyone is agnostic.
  3. I am...

    But not everyone's one, D9...either you are a beliver (whatever religion) or you are an atheist (deny the possibility of there being a "god") or you are an agnostic. I don't think you could call cottons an agnostic for example...
  4. well, i know cottons is quite devout in his beliefs. but he can't prove that god exists.

    same as i can't prove that god doesn't exist.

    anyone that says that gods existance (or non-existance) is a fact is just being a fool.

    i stick by what i said. everyone is agnostic whether they realise it or not. atheists and believers alike.

    ***to anyone who doesn't know, agnostic means that you believe the existence of God or the Divine cannot be proved. a christian, for example CAN be agnostic. they believe in God as a matter of FAITH. not a matter of FACT. It does NOT mean that you don't believe in God. thats is ATHEISM.***
    i don't rule out the possibility of a God. i just haven't seen a single scrap of proof for it. so i am on the fence.

    and seeing as not a single person on this planet can prove it either way, therefore, everyone is agnostic whether they realise/admit it or not.

    EDIT---> I also feel, that it is people who say Gods existence is a fact are those who bring a bad name upon religion. they feel that they KNOW that god exists, and so they force their beliefs upon others.
    These are the people who caused such things as the Inquisition, and the Witch Hunts. people who say that Gods existance is a fact.

    religion could easily be a wonderful part of the human society, IF the believers stopped for a second and realised they shouldn't force their beliefs on others, for the simple fact that they can't prove their beliefs are true.

    in other words. give people the benefit of the doubt.
  5. I don't quite agree, so I googled it:

    ag·nosti·cal·ly adv.
    Word History: An agnostic does not deny the existence of God and heaven but holds that one cannot know for certain whether or not they exist. The term agnostic was fittingly coined by the 19th-century British scientist Thomas H. Huxley

    So by this definition which I share, it all has to do with belief:

    You belive in god, you're a beliver (has nothing to do with proof!), you're not an agnostic.

    You deny the possibility of there being a god (still no proof), you're an atheist.

    You say there might be a god or a higher power we don't understand, but don't belive in a specific god, you're an agnostic.
  6. The crusades, WWII (to an extent), the current stupid US vs the Middle East bullshit thing. In fact almost every war has had to do with religion in one way or another.
  7. I'm not Agnostic because I'm not a complacent fag who lets life pass by.

    Agnostics, as defined above (correct definition) are people who neither accept, nor deny the existance of god. They don't care, they'll find out when they're dead, they'd rather not spend time figuring things out.

    As far as I'm concerned, that's a very futile and wastefull outlook.
  8. so stanton, you think that we should decide what religion to follow and stick with it, just for the sake of following a religion?

    you're wrong in saying that i don't care or that i don't want to spend time finding out.
    after weed, and sex ( :D ), God (no specific God) is what i think about the most.
    i spend many hours pondering the nature of such things.

    i don't see how it is wasteful. would you care to explain??

    and i'd like it if you didn't call me a fag.
  9. agnostics is more than not believing one way or another. its not that you dont care, its that you dont know. i believe in god, but i still wonder if there really is a god.

    and i take offence to being a complacent fag, so fuck you. im not complacent with not knowing, im just not willing to throw myself into one mindset and never question things. to me, believing 100% in something i cannot prove is a lot fucking more stupid than questioning it.
  10. It's not that I don't care, but it's that there is not sufficient evidence one way or the other for me to make a definite decision. God and I have an understanding, I'm going to go through life without worrying about going to hell and just live life as best I can. And if I was wrong about all of that and I was meant to follow the ten commandment or whatever little ritual he'd like to have me do, then I will repent all of my sins, and follow him to the ends of the earth. However, as of now, I see no reason to spend this one and only life I have in total worship of he/she/it. Because really, there is no definite evidence that I should. I don't go by speculation, in any area. I research things as heavily as I can, and that includes religion until I feel that I know enough about the topic.

    Now if you still want to call me a complacent fag, go right ahead, but I'm going to call you a weak-minded sheep.

  11. Then you're not Agnostic. Agnostics don't argue for or against god. You just said yourself that you think about it constantly trying to think about whether god exists or not.

    and never did I say you should find a religion and stick to it, at all. I never even said anything remotely like that. I'm not part of any religion.
  12. As far as I'm concerned, that's a very futile and wastefull outlook. END QUOTE

    why's that? with or without a god i would be living in exactly the same way. it's my life not God's. how would it be wasteful to look at a godless world? be realistic. when was the last time a god got involved in your life? and i'm not talking about the IDEA of a god. explain why you say that.

  13. Noone knows. That's not what agnosticism is about.
    Agnosticism is defined simply as not DENYING nor BELIEVING the existance of god. NOTHING more. Anything else you add is just your own personal opinion, and doesn't have to do with you being or not being Agnostic.

    Yeah, I'd be pissed if I was a complacent fag too.

    What the fuck do I care what you call me?
  14. He lent me $5 once so I could buy a blunt. But that was like a year ago.
  15. I didn't even see that quote.

    Wow, you people are fucking stupid.

    Did you ever hear me say I believed in god?

    Becaues I don't....
  16. What are you then? athiest? I'm still going to call you a weak-minded sheep.

  17. ^^Word.

    and I don't go by these little meaningless titles that people have.
  18. ]

    throwing your life away and following a blind faith could also very easily be seen as futile and wasteful.

    why worry about a higher power? if hes there, great, thanks for all the good times you gave me. if not, great, i got nothing to worry about if im ever involved in some seedy business.

    Live your fucking life. Dont have shadows following you around scaring you and telling you what to do.

    You are your own god. Create youre life as you see fit. Dont let anyone tell you what to believe.

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