Why no outdoor hydro growing

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  1. I'm just curious why people don't bring hydro growing outside? It's totally doable. I understand you can't do it year round due to light. But what about the outdoor growing season? I'm a first time grower and I went for it and my girls are looking grate Rez temps are between 64-75 but 75 is on the Hot days than right back down to 64.
    I was just wondering everyone's thoughts on this.
  2. i’ve never grown in soil and probably never plan to.

    what do you mean by hydroponics outside?

    using rockwool blocks outside?

    do you mean a greenhouse?

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  3. I have seen people grow in coco and perlite hydro outdoors
    Plants were 10ft tall
  4. I've seen some huge outdoor DWC plants. Usually buried in the ground. Rez temps usually are the problem.
  5. they veg those plants inside forever then move em out usually
  6. I've bin doing it for Two months or so. Mine is more of a drip system. I think it's working grate. Like I said before my Rez temps are quite good with a few 75 degre spikes on hot days. But why don't more people do it? IMG_4241.JPG IMG_4243.JPG

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  7. What I mean is no greenhouse and dwc,drip,nft,aeroponics any form of hydroponics.
  8. I'm sure it is done sometimes, but most of us grow indoors for the privacy and legal issues. I live in a legal state but the law says that I can only grow IN my primary residence if I own the house. It has to be inside a lockable area and it can't be visible from any public area - which includes from over your neighbor's fence. Some people have been able to build greenhouses with sides that you can't really see through. But the law is designed to force people to grow expensively indoors under lighting - I think as a way to keep people paying the state's taxes at the dispensaries...

    But also - I think that most people, if they can grow outdoors just do soil because it's easier and works well.
  9. That a good reply. That makes sense. What state is that visible law in?
  10. flood and drain?
  11. Yeah Why not
  12. only thing i use is flood and drain with rockwool. i usually use one 1000w Phantom Commercial per every 4x4. With yields of 2.5-3lbs per square meter.
    harvest every 10-11 weeks.

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  13. And why can't you do that outside if you time it right?
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    what’s the point of doing it? you can grow soil indoors. you can grow hydro outdoors. correct me if i’m wrong, but colorado doesn’t want any marijuana greenhouses so they could charge you electricity. not sure if i am right though.

    i’d rather just keep hydro inside. i have more control inside than out. so maybe that’s another reason why.

    you can grow whenever indoor too.
    i’d rather keep it classic with me.
  15. I'm having good results so far with my outdoor hydro and I think it's a lot of fun. My only cost is nutrients and the pump. I see so many people having cfl's (squiggly bulbs) as a light. Why waste there time if you can just bring it outside. I totally agree with you inside has way more control. But for those who want hydro and not pay for lights and the high electricity bill. Do it outside with better results than type A base cfl's with way better results. Granted I'm in a good climate to do this. My total cost is around $300 and that's including nutrients, pH and ppm testers. This girl in the middle is a month older than the other ones. It's 5' wide. There is one in dirt that is the same age as the other two. It's way smaller for its age than the two hydro ones. image.jpg If your course the one in the cooler is a clone I put out yesterday that's a true high pressure aeroponic system.
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  16. just by seeing this image, i can see the beauty in a marijuana plant. those leaves look amazing. i always cut the blades of my leaves off like every other week.

    i started lollipopping by OG Kush but i cannot retrieve a picture of it right now (the cycle)

    i also supercropped two OG Kush. deciding if i should supercrop and lollipop ALL my Blue Cookies.

    I can supply pictures for Blue Cookies. Just let me know if you wanna see them.
  17. Yeah I'd love to see them
  18. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  19. That's beautiful!!

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  20. [​IMG]

    DWC outdoor Critical Kush. In a small green house

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