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Why my other thread got takin down?

Discussion in 'General' started by CanTWaiT, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. Is there any particular reason, as to why my thread got takin down? I thought it was perfectly fine question... Some of you mods may not wanna help me, but hell... doesnt mean you gotta be gay n take it down..
  2. I could care less about your thread at this point. Don't use homophobic (or any derogitory) words in a conversation with people here on the boards, especially when you use them to refer to another member or mod...now THATS what is gonna black list you....keep in mind, respect is a two way street...give some to get some

    as for your thread, if it IS the one critter has linked to, you've already been told enough to figure out all the answers to your questions... SEARCH THE FORUMS!...all your questions have been answered repeatedly on an almost daily basis by the mods on behalf of other new members who want to know the same redundant answers..its not easy going back and spoon feeding it to you when the information is a few clicks and searches away... Don't get angry with the mods because you're too busy with your life to find information yourself...its a hell of a lot harder for the handful of us moderators to do the work FOR you AND for the dozenss of other members with questions concerning the same shit, than it is for you to take 5 minutes out of your life to do it yourself and save ME ten minutes out of mine...

    if your thread you speak of ISN'T the one critter mentioned..then how the hell are we supposed to help you any further if we have no clue which one it is you speak of?...please give more details..we aren't omnipotent omnipresent gods here on the boards..we're people just like you with a different name slapped above our avatar...

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