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  1. Belowis my last post which I posted today on my metal shelving thread... I decided to make it a new post because my absence in posting on my other thread has decreased views, and I am confused as to what to do, so I apologize for the space used, Please feel free to remove it, but I would appreciate it if you (any of the moderators)left it till I get a few answers...thanks

    Along with the below questions(which I wrote this afternoon), I just got done checking my plant for more mites on the soil, there were a few, much less than earlier, they must have really gone deep (five gal bucket) but I noticed that the third set of leaves (second up from the cotyledons, and the first set to have 3 leaves...not sure if this matters...what the hell do i know? nothing.) are turning up and are yellowing, I understand the yellowing might be a nitrogen deficiency?, but they are awful dry to the touch too, and turning up and cupping, (sorry, pics arent turning out...will not help) along with these the cotyledons are completely yellow, and drooped, not soft though, I noticed that this was the case (cotyledons turning yellow) before I transplanted but since it has been, that third set is turning now, at a fast rate....not even 12 hours (10 this morning, and its 7:43 right now) yet my other plants in the coffe cans, are completely green, no yellowing whatsoever...I suppose its not a dark dark green, but its not a yellow green either...confused yet? i hope so. :) Also, just as a side not, I noticed that after transplanting my melon plant into the same soil mixture as I did for the pot plant, those leaves are also turning yellow, perhaps the soil is deficient in everything aye? it is just potting soil (bought) and perlite 2 soil to 1 perlite in a five gal bucket, its rel. loose soil, drains real well, plenty of air, so Its not that I dont think... the first starter mix was just plain potting soil....just a bit of verm. added. (i didnt know what I was doing, It was all an experiment to me, and now I dont want it to be.... :)~ )

    so, I just dont want to kill my plants...I might be asking questions already answered, but I just didnt get enough info from the posts to satisfy me.... Alos, I drowned a single mite so I could take a look at him, that damn thing survived TEN MINUTES (I wanted to make sure he was...dead) completly submurged (at the bottom) of a cup of water...I drained it, and he took off running! i then looked at him through two magnifying glasses overlapped...lol...cant focus with one for some reason... and smashed his little head, ... then it was twitching...i lost my patience and smashed him... but managed to se a small white stripe, (whiter than his yellowish white body color..lol) spanning the width of his abdomen looked like it had 8 legs 6 fairly big to his body proportion, and two tiny ones in front....have not been able to find any pictures....is this even a mite? I didnt see any black dots like they suggest they have. and no webbing on the leafs..anywhere...no eggs...nuthin...just little white..things. anyway, Ive taken up enough time....sorry It was so long, you dont have to read the rest if you dont want..but is appreciated..obviously. ;-)~ Ave atque vale
    thanks for any help

    Posted at 10:00 this morning Aug 14.
    SPIDER MITES!...and sugar
    ok, im not one to beg...

    :::gets on knees and starts to cry::: but I NE-e-e-e-ed helllp. ok im done.

    No seriously, I looked at my newly transplanted queen, and noticed some of the soil moving, a second look affirmed that it wasnt the soil that was moving, nor was it giant microbes... they are a yellow-white, and pretty freakin small, I wouldnt have noticed them unless i got close, which i did... obviously.

    I read to increase humidity, as they like dry low humidity temps... figures that everywhere I look for growing info that they reccomend a dry low humidity inviroment (i cant seem to spell today, forgive me.) to increase resin... also, I noticed the cotyledons are yellow, some parts brown....no other leaves are discolored, on my other plants which have yet to be transplanted do not have any discoloration, only this one. I checked under the leaves, and there is no 'weblike' structure as the websites ive been to state. so my questions are, what is the discoloring from, and what is another method to getting rid of the mites without increasing humidity and decreasing temp, should I just put a fan on them? I have had one on though, so this obviously isnt working...especially if they work underground at the roots level.... Im bummin.

    Any help from anyone is apreciated...

    Ave atque vale.


    Ive noticed no stunted grotwth after transplanting, 3 days now, and a new set of leaves (this time with five fingers) came up, and a new one is starting....


    I have noticed over the past five years, my pristine aired area of the U.P. has turned from a bright blue, sunny skyed horizen, (when i first moved here five years ago) to a replica of a detroit sky line....that is to say, brown hued... I want to vomit...add on top of that the chemtrails, shit they all started releasing information on contrails all of a sudden in the news, and the corrolation between sep 11 when there was an absence of contrails on the whole united states and weather patterns, they are just now saying they think contrails may effect wether patterns.....NO SHIT, when you put barium alluminum and all the other colors of the rainbow, what a ya get...no not poisonus rainbows (which would make for lucky charms a bad breakfast) but a giant mirrior no shit itz blocking out the sun, stupid people....now everytime someone who has researched chems. and know its true, brings it up to someone, they will respond with the news articles and act like its normal.... I swear you just cant win. Anyway, in my area, at 6:00 sept. 11 there were planes still in the air, leaving the chemmies, I got pictures, so thats a bunch a bull....Look at the sky at about 6 - 7 at night, and tell me if those blotched out patterns, which swirl and change into shapes youll never see in nautre...are natural...anyone who wants pictures from Michigan, leave me your Email address (suijurisapollyon@yahoo.com),ill be happy to send them.... check out carnicom.com.

    Later and thanks for any info on the mites
  2. I just transplanted as I said above, about 3 days ago....i read to not fert. for at least 3 weeks....does this mean I cant even put in a plant food stick? i see no stopping of growth it adapted almost immediately, but if the yellowing is a N def. what am i going to do? wait 3 weeks?! HELP!.
  3. Im on the same tip as you are
  4. You only need to wait 3 weeks if they are in the seedling stage. Seedlings (that is, very young plants with only a few sets of leaves like the ones in the pictures in your original post) cannot handle the extra nutrients....they will burn up and die. Even miracle gro potting soil will kill seedlings.

    Also, you have to concern yourself with the fact that some older plants suffer from nutrient lockout. This occurs from soil that has received a lot of fertilizers over a long period of time. The later you start ferting (within reason) the more you can use at the later grow stages and during flower.

    Right now, your soil has enough nutrients for your plants. You will not need to add any until you transplant your seedlings into larger pots. At that point in time, use 1/2 to 1/4 strength fertilizer with a higher first number. (Example 20-10-10). Only fertilize every couple of weeks. Remember, cannabis is a weed - do not overdo it. The biggest newbie mistake is over-fertilizing and they can do fairly well with no fertilizer whatsoever! With ferts, less is more!
  5. I put my first seed into a Miricle Gro Potting soil.. i gave it sterilzed water mixed with miracle Gro in it.. and it grew twice as fast as i think it would.. like i said in the other post.. i watered it one night, and the next morning.. BOOM it was out callin my name at 4 inches tall Lol
  6. Ave, thank you for the responses, I think maybe my post was a bit too confusing...

    I alreday transplanted into a five gal. bucket, so it does not need transplanting... The soil has never been fertilized before, so this is why I am guessing my leaves are yellowing, and I am wondering if this is in fact a nitrogen deficiency, but like I said was unsure wether to fertilize seeing as I just transplanted... It has 5 sets of leaves on it, the newest set has 5 fingers. besides this question I hd the dilemma of mites...or what I think to be mites... I was told yesterday to put a strawberry to the side of the bucket, and that they will all go to it and eat themselves to death, thank god I dont do that with my strawberry jam on toast in the morning....

    So my question is...all posts condensed can I use a fertilizer because I have already transplanted it into a five gal bucket. and its only been there for a few days now, perhaps just a plant food stick? will this supplement the needed nitrogen, as this appears to be its problem... (third set of leaves, that is second up from the cotyledons-which are dead-, are curling up and drying out, they are probably dried now, as i havent checked them this morning....also I am noticing yellow motteling on the leaves (second set -first up from the cotyledons-) no drooping or anything, but i know thats not normal especcially the curling dried ones, they are dying and I need to know what to do with the plant, (IF I CAN FERT. even though its only been trans. for a few days...) Ive done enough double speek in this post to last a lifetime...thanks for the help, I will await a response from anyone who reds this and can help.

    Ave atque vale.
  7. Wish I could help you more....I am a newbie grower too. I have a plant with a couple of lower leaves yellowing and going dry too. It is 2 weeks into flower and I have now been slamming the nutes to it, so I assume that is my problem. The flowers are getting much bigger though, so I don't mind losing a few fan leaves to nutes as long as it helps my colas.

    I keep thinking it might be nutes, but you say you havent ferted yet, so I would suggest a nute formula with a high first number e.g. 20-10-10, but make sure you fert at 1/2 strength the first few times.

    Could it be that you have watered too much? Make sure your pots are dry right to the bottom before you re-water (or when your leaves start to droop) This keeps the soil light, and lets the roots get oxygen which they cannot get if they are drowning in water all the time.

    All the best in your first grow.

    By the way, if you get a lot of different advice, why don't you try separate ideas on separate plants. If one starts looking really good, well, then you have an idea what they need!
  8. if the PH of the water that your adding is at the wrong level,,, your plants will turn funky colors and eventually die
  9. http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7513&highlight=miricle+grow

    I had some of the same problems you are experiencing....you said that you had added miricle grow and it shot up overnight....the soil itself would have had enough fert for 3 weeks and then you said you potted it into a 5 gallon container....this also would have enough fert for 3 weeks as well......what i think you have is not a nitrogen deficcency....the leaves go a pale yellow and just fall......you said that they curled up and went brittle!....that sounds like nutrient solution burn or possibly nute lock.....if i were you i'd flush the medium with a lot of water....put it in you're bathtub and pour the sterilised of water left for more than 24 hours through it.....watch the colour of the water it will look like a yellow piss colour....once flushed put her back under the light and wait for a day or 2 and you should notice the big fan leaves rising up towards the light.......maybe the link above will help...it's my log book it contains the mistakes i made and the solutions......Peace out....Sid

  10. Ave,

    THanks for the response, I appreciate it, although it appears you got weedlings post and mine mixed up... I didnt add miracle grow at all... just yesterday I purchased some peters fertilizer, mixed a light solution (1/2 of the recc. dose. and sprayed the leaves with it as the package says, ... i felt i had to do something, I cant seem to figure out what the trouble is, so this is the only fert. application that has been givin to it.... but they are still curling, and they are brittle...I dont know wether to blame the bugs or what.... I suppose if it gets any worse ill have to use the insecticide i bought....dont want to though.

    attached is a photo

    im at a loss. bummin too.

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  11. by the way, I dont think it is too much watering, I am only watering every two or three days, and the soil is always just moist, my mix is airy and it drains well, but not too much...its a good mix in other words.

    here is a nother pic. perhaps this will help in diagnosing my problem?

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  12. Here are some better looking ones in the soil they were planted in originally....they have long stems, but are very sturdy, (its two plants in one container...which i see is a mistake, but I have about 500 seeds, so I have time to experiment...)

    there has been no noticable new growth for some time now... but i assume they have no more room under the soil to do so...just havent had the time to transplant them....

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  13. And while I am here..... why is it not reccomended to plant the seed directly into the plants perm. container.. (five gal. bucket)

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  14. note the cross. I think hes been smokin' right on CNN too... what a scamm.

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  15. After reading through this thread I came away with the impression that a would-be grower can indeed make things unecessarily difficult for him or herself. Just let it grow and help it along a little. It should be simple. Anything alive wants to live and grow so just let it. It's human nature to want to play God but that is not our forte! Or is it?
  16. the one with the pic of the bad leaves is burned by overfert......just flush the whole pot through with ph adjusted water, and it'll be fine............and ps i plant straight into 3 and 5 gallon buckets, no problem............Peace out.........Sid

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