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Why marijuana gets us high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kingdomofmauri, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Just was thinking about something; I think the psychoactive components of cannabis evolved so the plant could spread it's seed. Say something like a bear consumes the bud of the cannabis plant and learns that makes it feel good, the seeds even get free fertilizer being shit out.

    That is all I had to say lol
  2. Sounds like a good stoner thought, kind of like a tabacco company scheme
  3. Lol you must be blazed because you haven't thought this through brotha. If a bear eats the seeds they are destroyed...
  4. In a females final attempt to spread her genetics she saturates herself with a sticky pollen in hope an insect etc will land on her and then fly to a male.
  5. Sounds like something I would think of stoned ha
  6. 1. The seed would be destroyed
    2. I dont think THC is "activated" without heat
    3. Straight marijuana tastes bad to prevent creatures from eating it
    4. The bud itself surrounding the seeds decomposes to make fertalizer
  7. Cows, horses and deer all love cannabis (as any outdoor grower can attest) and don't chew their food well, so many seeds pass through undigested. :D

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