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    I noticed not a single bit of it actually gave any relevant facts. It seems all the author could actually do was hurl insults at Libertarians, and/or libertarian ideals. But I guess that's "good well thought out journalism" in Garrison's private universe.

  3. They parrot their pet sayings towards those which whom they disagree, but in the end Modern Libertarians are affected by ideological religiosity just as much, if not more, then all the other "ism's" they turn their noses up at.   Most of them don't have a philosophical bone in their entire corpulent bodies, nor an original thought in their heads - it's all regurgitated from those that they believe in.  
  4. The irony is incredible. You post about other people parroting things, but your post is a copy and paste, lol.
  5. I did not find it insulting personally. It doesn't apply to me anyway. It seemed more about people who deny climate change and other basic science. That's not my ally. 
    It's a blog anyways, it's not meant to be giving facts, just opinions. 
    If someone makes an actual refutation of libertarian core values, then that's a conversation worth having. Until then, I'm safe. 
  6. Wait, where have I heard this sort of thing before??? Oh yeah, now I remember! http://postlibertarianism.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/modern-libertarianism-as-a-religion/
    Way to go Garrison... it's all regurgitated from those that they believe in.   :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:
  7. The post that you quoted is not "cut and paste".  If it is, show the source. 
    Original thinking is out, especially with today's Libertarians.  This is so fucking obvious that it's almost funny.  They're an army of think-aikes and do-alikes and will go down screaming that they know best, in fact NOBODY knows anything but them. 
  8. The only thing that's obvious is that you're mad. Probably because libertarians tend to blow up statist arguments pretty easily. It's understandable.
  9. The things I've seen these people defend, it's unbelievable - the Confederacy, old-time holistic remedies rather than modern medicine, doing away with social programs, ditto for libraries and schools, criminilizing abortion, supporting prayer in government etc.  The list goes on and on, it's like an instruction manual for destruction of the intellect and all that we have achieved, to be replaced with far worse alternatives. These people actually believe in ths crap, and they think they know what's best for the rest of us! 
  10. Lol, classic!
  11. Not wishing to give it a rest, now they want to start a Ron Paul Home School Curriculum, which will make every attempt to turn the young into little replicas of their hero(s), spouting off the "correct" answers to those whom they think are the big bad oppressive authority figures.  . 
    Some of these people's kids aren't going to buy into it, they'll be a backlash in that generation when they come of age, I guarantee it.   Hopefully they'll question and critisize the beliefs of those who worship the "Good Doctor", as well as RP himself, and for that they will be better off than getting conditioned by any home, private or public schooling instruction out there.
    Theres a excellent book that came out in the late 90's by Carl Sagan... "A Demon Haunted World". That books always stuck in my head. Its a short one but near the end of his life he watched what he thought was the adherence to conspiracy theories, nut job medical practices like Homeopathy etc start to compete with established proven sciences. Ask someone how electricity works, how far the sun is, how nuclear power works which today you get no answer. 
    Look at the insanity of our society where TLC...the The Learning Channels number one show for a while dont know if it still  is Honey Boo Boo. Thats learning for us now. Click over to History Channel. I recall growing up it was nothing but History. Today I get the distinct honor of never ending episodes of Pawn Stars. I guess thats history now. 
    I dont think the stripping of things you listed is the recipe for loss of intellect. My non approval of late term of abortion has no impact on that. Cutting a over bloated social program that has double digit fraud preserves what have achieved. 

  13. You made valid points.   
    Carl Sagan was not only a brilliant scientist, he also accurately predicted the future.   
    When I was growing up, in the distant, distant past, PBS was mainly for education.  They were not at all interested in airing commercial, popular culture - preferring opera and classical music, educational programs, independent film and eventually Sesame Street, BBC programs, etc.  Now they do marathon fund-raising by showing "Oldies" rock concerts, footage from Ed Sullivan and other vintage non-PBS TV, I Love Lucy tributes, etc.  They can't help but carry over a certain amount mediocrity into their regular programming, as well.    I guess they want that boomer market money, but it's not what they were intended for.       
  14. Libertarian views.

    Don't lie cheat steal.
    Don't use violence except in self defense
    Don't tell other how to live.

    Libertarian isn't even a real political party. We are just sane.people that believe in morals

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  15. This is the problem ,people bash other people for their beliefs
    You can't even post a link with out being bashed
    When we stop all this right , left bs and stop WANTING to be labeled and label others then we may be able to come together or be a lone wolf all we want .

    I mean just open your minds to learning listen to what people have to say with out judgment ask them why they believe this way
    Then speak your pov
    Come together and share knowledge

    Don't do onto others as you don't want done to you

    If you don't feel as I feel that's awesome !
    Difference is cool

    Aren't we all working toward the same thing in the end ?? To live as we choose with out others ideals forced on us ? Isn't that what true freedom is ?
    We will never get that unless we stop forceing it on others
  16. Welcome to the internet.
    It helps not to take things very seriously.
    sounds a bit more like a socially isolated cult then it does a home school curriculum. But i suppose thats what home schooling is used for the most, specifically in rural areas.
    funny I thought these same guys were opposed to public schools brainwashing kids, and the hitler youth type obama thing. Yet this seems to be the same thing with a different ideology. But hey at least its volunteerism and not statism, oh wait, children dont have a choice.
    Kids should be taught to question things, rather then being taught what to believe imo. I dont know what the ron paul curriculum teaches, so i cant judge it much, but the name sounds kinda facist.
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    It should be taken seriously

    There is alot wrong in the principles of current America
    The Internet is all we got left for people to explore and come up with their own ideas with out prejudice

    I'm not an expert and do not want to be
    My mind is very adaptable
    I question everything including myself
    Just remember when your pointing the finger you got 3 pointing back at yourself

    First thing I notice when you speak
    You sound as if the world hates you that's why you seek
    To punish everybody every face and everything
    Yet nobody's mad at you learn some gratitude, yeah!
    You wanna know the missing piece?
    What you need is love with a two fold increase
    And you can find that something that lies underneath
    But you're too rude face the problem and see
  19. well i hear about other people in other worlds
    and i hear that that flag is proudly unfurled
    Oh I wish I had a dolla
    for evertime i hear them them holla
    And i just smoke a joint in bed here with my girl
    I turn on the TV to watch the news
    CNN is exploiting all their views
    Oh I wish I had a dolla
    for everytime i heard them holla
    But instead I smoke a joint to cure my blues.
    I drive the city streets in my new truck
    People wishin me the best of luck
    And then some girl named suzy
    sprays me with an uzi
    But i'm so fuckin stoned, I don't give a fuck.
  20. spoken like a true libertarian.

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