Why is this plant's growth so dense? Pics

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    Hi All,
    This is my first grow and so far it's going good. 4 out of 5 seeds sprouted and 2 are showing:hello: female preflowers, 1 should preflower any day and 1 had balls (RIP):(.

    I got the seeds from Vancouver seed bank (Indoor Mix) so I don't know the strain.
    It's 4 weeks old and growing under a 400w HPS

    One of my plants is growing well, but its growth is so dense that I can't see the main stalk without moving leaves. It seems to be vertically challenged is this normal?


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    Yes it's normal. And you got some nice plants there. They all just look like different strains (by the look of the leaves), and they have a little different appearance and growth pattern, that's all. And the reason it's so short and bushy is probably because it's indica dominant and have gotten enough light.

    Maybe you should think about transplanting soon? I always see a growth spurt after transplanting, but I go from real small to real big, though. They don't seem to need it ATM but in a week or two, maybe. They can grow real fast sometimes...
  3. yeah bro its all good...dense plants usually means dense buds....keep those nodes as close together as possible

  4. Thanks for the info. I'm really happy with how well they're doing so far.

    I just tranplanted them 2 weeks ago, should I transplant them again into bigger pots?

  5. I would say indica dominant but the leaves dont look like indica

  6. Yes, this is one instance in which dense = good. The denser the plants, the better the grow in the end, from my experience. You'll be fine. You just have plants that are growing differently than others.

    Looks like they're doing well, though...

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