Why is this plant so perfect ?

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  1. This plant was started about a month ago and it is about twice as big as every other plant. Why does it look so nice with a fat stem? Could it be maybe a male because of how strong it is? Thanx.

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  2. wow that does look like a thik ass stem. were they bag seeds or did you order them? if their all random bag seeds then you probably just have different strains. if you ordered them though idk whats up. unless that one is a different strain that happened to get mixed in
  3. Usually you'll find one that stands out from the rest like that when growing from seed.
    80% of the time you'll find that it's a male.
    But, it is possible it's a female. Best bet is to take a clone of each plant and after they root put them under 12/12 and sex the plants with the clones so yoiu don't waste time planting males all over your garden.

    But, Damn it sure looks good!:wave:

  4. yeah they are just bag seeds. and i would be unable to clone them because i can not indoor grow...unless you can clone any outdoors
  5. You could certainly clone an outdoor plant as long as you can keep the clones healthy long enough to deal with the elements.

  6. I've been looking around at youtube cloning videos but are there any guides you guys may have to suggest?
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    Here is a cloning thread
    Cloning For Dummies

    All you woiuld need inside is a CFL or Tube fluorescent light and maybe a humidity dome. Give them 24/0 light cycle until they root and then switch to 12/12 and put them in a closet or something for dark.

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