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  1. Hey, i just started smoking a week ago. I smoked a Blunt with a friend and got cold sweats and my legs were warm and very heavy and felt like i was gonna pass out. Then i smoked a J with another friend and the same thing happened. I can barely walk and start freaking out, cold sweats, heavy and warm legs and i sort of panic. I just wanna feel good. Am i doing sumthin wrong. Thanks.
  2. dont smoke weed anymore. its not something you have to do, obviously its not enjoyable for you so i suggest not doing it anymore.

  3. well i want to do. I see all my friends enjoying it, and i want to to. I just keep freaking out.
  4. Try a really relaxing setting or somewhere very familiar to you? Maybe by yourself? I enjoy smoking by myself a little bit more than with a group.
  5. your getting too high, next time, just smoke half a joint or blunt instead of a whole one
  6. Relax. Sit back and enjoy.
    I use to get bad highs when I smoked in a place I didn't feel 100% in.
    Like down town or some place public.
    Just tell yourself it's a plant, nothing bad can possibly happen.
    Also try smoking less. After a couple hits take a break to see how you feel.
    You'll build up a tolerance and these problems will go away. :smoke:
  7. Could be your tree had too high of a THC count compared to CBD. CBD is a neccessary ingredient to marijuana, though it's apparently not as present in todays tree as it was years ago.

    Could be something else entirely, but could be this as well.

    Just something to think about.
  8. Chill the fuck out maaaaaaann.
  9. smoke like all day everyday so you wont get as high anymore and then itll be better

  10. There's your problem. Sounds like me when I first started smoking, I smoked too much a few times and it never ended well. Smoke smaller amounts.
  11. Yeah, that sounds pretty normal for a beginner when they smoke a lot.
    I remember feeling the same way once, and was curled up on the floor with REALLY bad spins
    and wanted to not be high anymore. It lasted for like 4 hours like that. At your tolerance
    level, 1-3 good hits is all it takes.
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    You only need a couple of hits of dank to get high for your first time, Even after your first time you only need a couple of hits to get going.

    Hell for your first months you will only need a couple of hits to get high...

    Tolerance occurs when you smoke way too much than you need to and you keep repeating it. That's when you realize you need more and more. Smoke smart and save bud

    I remember when i had a gram of dank it would last me a couple of days! I would roll tiny joints with spliff and take a couple of hits and get high...Those were the days

    Now i have a lot of tolerance well because i've been smoking everyday for so many years.

    No point at all for a beginner to smoke a gram blunt, joint, Or take multiple bong hits.

    You get high to a certain point for a little while and any more bud will just get you burnt.
  13. bad advice bro, this happens to everyone at some point, OP dont worry, keep smoking and you will overcome this.

  14. I read an article the other day about this. There's a place somewhere that's testing the potency of different strains as well as levels of CBD. Apparently CBD is the "ingredient" that actually has health benefits for breast cancer patients, however out of the 500 different plants tested only 12 had any significant amount of CBD. It's be bred out of today's plant since THC is what gets you high and everyone is trying to get a plant with just a ton of it. Found it pretty interesting
  15. Also OP, don't worry Ive smoked everyday for ove a year and still get the symptoms you are talking about when I smoke too much. Hell I've even passed out standing up from it lol. Just take a couple of hits and wait a few minutes to see how you feel. Your high will last alot longer at first too. That's my main problem, I can still get ripping stoned easily but the high wears off much quiker these days for me unfortunately
  16. okay, sounds good, im gonna take one to two good hits and see how i feel. i just am sick of freakin out. But thanks
  17. Honestly I don't know what it is. The first time I got high is when I first smoked, I got high as FUCK from a bong rip and nothing happened. The second time I smoked (few months later) I smoked 2 L's of Purple Haze to the fucking DOME. I didn't get sweaty or anything, I just got retarded fucking high. The only time I HAVE gotten sick, is when I kinda rushed a blunt on myself, because my friends parents were on the way home and I needed to finish it. You can smoke as much as you want to, just smoke it SLOWER. Take a nice hit, wait a good amount, then take another and repeat. I've finished 2 gram blunts like this when I first started smoking.
  18. Build your way up brother.

  19. damn ive never had any of those symptoms in thousands of highs.

    when i smoke alot my lungs feel like thc'd(phrase for that lung feeling) or burning or w/e sensation kinda hard to describe.
    when i try to take more hits i can barely hold it in, coughing is usually frequent.

    at that point i stop and i have no discomfort.

    you guys are going past this point? or wut

    listen to your body. learn your limits op.
    like other have said a few hits should be ok.

    now in my opinion. ONE hit should be ok, in a pipe or bong. 1-2 hits off a joint should be fine.
    just hold the hits for 5-10 secs
  20. haha great. took one good hit off a j last night and felt great. First time. Thanks for the help

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