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Why is smoking weed so much fun?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. why do you think its so much fun?

    i like the feeling it gives me..also i love for nothing more than to light up a joint, blunt, or bowl, and laugh my head off with my friends..or smoke with a couple new people, thats always fun too...and ANYTHING can happen when your high, it makes for great stories, it makes for great friends, some of the best friendships are born while being stoned...lmao..even on here :D
  2. welll... since you asked smoking weed is so fun because when the THC crystals found on a bod (or piece of a bud) are incinerated and reformatted from liquid( yes THC crystals are in liquid form which is why their so sticky) (and fore any wanna be smart ass attempts to counter the reason keiph or however u spell it is solis is because when seperated from the bud it solidifies much like human blood when in tiny quantities as it is a biological excrement that gets hard flakey and powdery when seperated from the cavity prodducing it)...anyway from liquid to gas form and is inhaled
    and delivered through bronchial passageways into the lungs it is then transmitted into the blood stream and as the brain controlls every living part of the human body the majority (or at least a disproportinate share is delivered to the brain.

    now take a small break

    the brain is stimulated by many things reading, smell, and taste which stimulates the left hemisphere i think and dreaming as well as music which stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain i think (i might have them reversed)
    weed,marijuana,mary jane, Canibus Ativa, pot, dank, fire, bud - call it what u will stimulates both hemispheres bedause it is delivered thyough the blood stream from the lungs, as oppose to senses which are delivered through neurons, tools of the central nervous system therefore the entire brain is affected and...well...made happy.

    it has been found that weed has ten times the stress relieving chemicals of cigaretts.

    i hope this has been helpful and if not...well...then...

    ...FUCK YOU
  3. damn im glad you know everything..i was starting to worry that i was the only one that did
  4. That's a stupid question.....

    ...sorry, but it is.
  5. personally i think you all think about it to much just chill man

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