Why is my cannabis plant taking so long ?

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  1. im in the uk and my plant is next to a window my plant has no lights or anything it is just left how it is and watered once a day I want to know why it's taking so long and will it grow outside as I am putting it outside when it's bigger
    These plants have been up for a month and just under two weeks

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  2. I could list a few things to change but what I think is most important to get your plants back on track:

    -do not water every day. Let the soil dry out nearly completely before watering, should take at least 2-3 days

    -you need better draining soil. Mix a 1:4 ratio of perlite to soil and transplant into a larger pot.
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  3. Thanks a lot will have to tell my nan to stop watering them as much
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  4. Yeah when I first started out I think I watered at most twice a week until about the 2nd week of veg. Overwatering is the most common issue with new growers.
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  5. Window grows usually don't go that great. Crappy lighting is probably your biggest issue along side the over watering. It's difficult to maintain a decent light source for good growth using a window .
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  6. Agreed with the window thing.

    Either allow it to be fully outside, or fully isnide with CFLs, LEDs, etc. It'll grow much faster and healthier.
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  7. put some sort of light on top of it run the light 24 hours a day .
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  8. You can water as you want if you have enough lighting and air movement to dry out the soil. If it's not dry from tip of your pointer finger to your first knuckle in the dirt don't water it. Your plants also need a bigger home. 1gal soil per ft of growth min. Try reflecting some of the light back to the plants without drawing huge attention to what you have going on in the window.

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  9. It's probably not so much the need to reflect light but more so the time that direct light is available or i should say unavailable. Just because there's light coming in the window doesn't mean it's very good lighting. Any sort of obstructions like trees, neighbors houses, clouds all reduce direct light as the sun moves across the skyline. Couple that with the reduction in direct lighting caused by the shape of the window frame itself. It's tough, doable but tough

    Is it even in a window that sees the sun much? Like actual direct sunshine? The kind of sunshine you feel through the window, not just light because it's daytime but the sun's out of view of the window . How many hours of the day?
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  10. Thanks guys the plants are staying on the window until they have thicker stems then I am going to put them outside do you reckon it would be okkay in a little woods where a little bit of light can get too it as I need to hide so no one steals it or destroys it
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  11. No it won't do good in the woods - cannabis NEEDS direct sunshine - not shaded in the woods.

    Do some reading. Everything you need to know is here at GC.

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  12. If you want better stems add a oscillating fan. Regardless of the pervious statement above mine weed does fine outside without completely direct sunlight. It doesn't NEED it but it would help. If your going to gorilla grow spend some meditation time in the area before you grow there to place the plants in an area where they get the most light possible.

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  13. Right - any plant will grow in full shade but compare a cannabis plant and especially the finished flowers grown in full sun vs shade and there won't even be a vague comparison.
  14. yeah honestly putting them outside would get the stalks thicker. They thicken with light wind. I always have several fans in both my veg and flower tents for air movement of course, but also to help strengthen those stalks. And it works. Putting it outside would have essentially the same effect with the breeze. But as others have said, you gotta get some light on that thing, thats why its not growing well.
  15. Since someone's irrelevant reply brought me back here might as well add some more actual useful information.

    If the thread starter wanted to roughly judge light intensity without a meter this can be done by checking out your internode length.

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    So many replies to a certain troll lol,
    "Thanks a lot will have to tell my nan to stop watering them as much" LOL :D:D
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  17. Jerrys statement wasn't irrelevant if that's what you mean. It was point on.
  18. If this is in the UK it won't flower outside now.
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  19. Is your plant auto flowering? Or a photo strain? Like others have said get it in bigger pot bigger the better. Only water like every 3 or 4 days.

    If is auto it will do ok outside if the Uk summer sun shine comes back. I had auto grow outside in the Uk in my backyard. I got roughly 30g from it.
  20. I am not a troll I am being 100 serious as funny as it sounds

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