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why is my blunt harsh?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by youngtok, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I just started smoking and i just finished lighting a blunt. And it was very harsh.The harshness was there for like 10 minutes. I used white owl grapes. Is the harshness caused by the whiteowls or the weed ?
  2. the weed.
  3. depends how you rolled it, did you take out the 'cancer paper', as in the inner lining of tobacco leaf. Theres going to be an asston of tar anyways though, thats why I prefer using my bong or my vape.
  4. Some medicinal strains are harsh. the white rhino I grow is one of them.
  5. I just split the cigarillo and filled it with the bud.
  6. if the blunt isn't a natural leaf then that's why it was harsh u should either switch to swishers  or some kind of leaf rillo like a dutch or a game
  7. If you just started smoking, and you don't smoke cigarettes, it could be that your lungs need to get used to the effects of blunts. Blunts are pretty harsh in general unless your used to smoking. I used to cough a lot no matter what I smoked until I got used to smoking. 
  8. Man blunts are just harsh . Reason I don't smoke em . Plus why ruin my good weed with a shitty blunt
  9. the grape flavored cheap tobacco is probably what makes it harsh. assuming you're smoking good weed.
  10. You smoking weed out of a tobacco leaf, the tobacco is going to be harsh. Blunts are just harsh
  11. I can barely tolerate blunts... I only smoke them to be polite and then it's one or two hits. Try some raw natural papers, they're brown like blunts but they taste soooo much better.
    (not my pic)
  12. special, aintchya...
  13. I was getting tired of blunts so bam I decided I start making a grav, so ripped

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