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Why is Marc Emery's eyes so puffy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DavidBrent, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Why do serious blazers like Marc Emery and Tommy Chong have puffy bottom eyelids? Does anyone know why this happens or is it natural for these guys? Just wonderin'.:smoking:

  2. :hello::smoking:

  3. It's natural for anyone who wears glasses and for many people as they age.
  4. Like these two legends, they maybe have naturally occurring bags under their eyes like me. Doesn't have anything do to with weed intake, tiredness i don't think, just always have purple bags under my eyes.

    Not as bad as Emery's though, he always looked massively baked.
  5. LOL...Yeah, Emery's is pretty bad. I think he always looks massively baked because he is.
  6. that's only two examples...
  7. Well he IS, but he's also got the worries of possible extradition and hard time in a Federal prison to keep him awake at night.
  8. its because they never not high. u would look like that too if u too had calisis from rolling.
  9. yeah, that's probably why.
  10. marc emery probely wont even serve more than a month in jail and that might be served in canada
  11. hahahhaha :hello:
  12. i think he's got really bad sinus problems

  13. not if the dea gets what they want. :(
  14. There was a time when eating meat on Friday could land a Catholic person's soul in hell.

    Then the Pope said it was OK to let the Catholic people eat meat on Fridays...because I guess God told him it was, or something.

    Then, it is said, no one went to Hell anymore for eating meat on Fridays. In effect, the Pope "Legalized" meat on Friday, for Catholics.

    Maybe Pope Obama, and Cardinal Kerlikowske can "Save" us potential sinners from such a fate, and "Legalize" cannabis, for everyone, in the United States. :hello: How awesome, would that be...

    I am hoping that if a new administration can adopt a different view on things, things like the actions against Marc Emery and team may get dropped.

    I sure do hope so.
  15. for emery its probably a natural thing coupled with a large daily intake of high grade marijuana.
  16. This was actually the result of a merchant fisherman in Italy striking a deal with the Pope. I'm not sure of the specifics but I think the pope was bribed to declare "No-meat Fridays" so that the merchant would see a lot of business. Eventually, it was shortened to "no-meat fridays" during Lent. When I was Catholic, I never followed it.

    On topic, people who smoke marijuana don't necessarily get puffy eyes as they age, it's mostly a contributing factor of genetics and environment.

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