Why is Life pointless?

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  1. I want to smoke weed.
    I live in a dorm room.
    I can't smoke it.


    Why can't I just smoke weed. Fuck the government.
    Fuck. So stupid.

    Why is life just a big waiting game.
    Wait for elementary school.
    Wait for middle school.
    Wait for high school.
    Wait for college.
    Wait for a job opportunity.
    Wait to buy a house.
    Wait to get married.
    Wait to have kids.
    Wait to watch THEM go to elementary school.
    Wait to watch THEM go to middle school.
    Wait to watch THEM go to High school.
    Wait to watch THEM go to college.
    Wait to watch THEM get a job opportunity.
    Wait to watch THEM buy a house.
    Wait to watch THEM get married.
    Wait to watch THEM have kids.
    Wait to watch YOUR KIDS KIDS do it.
    Then wait for death...

    Then what?
    Then what?
    I wait for the rest of eternity?

    I am done with waiting for shit.
    The only time I can be done waiting is if I am nothingness.

    When does that point come so I can be done waiting, and finally arrive at my destination.....

    Seriously. Why can't I smoke weed. It is harmless, cures all problems....
    So fucking pointless... :mad:
  2. Nobody is making you wait but yourself.

  3. This. +Rep.
  4. Why do you feel you need to wait? And even if weed was legalized.. well, you can't smoke cigarettes in a dorm room...
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    exactly what cracker said. life is what ya make it , man ..

    maybe you need a lil break from the herb to begin with if you think it's oh so important in everyday life
  6. why are you waiting and what are you waiting for?

    just go for it, man. :smoke:
  7. I think you are all missing the point.

    You can't stop being forced to wait.

    You are life's bitch.

    You think you are better than time? You think you can over come time?

    Lol. That is cute.
  8. Man you almost sound crazy.
    Life is what the fuck you make it... Chase what interests you...

    If you dont wan't a kid... dont have a kid...
    If you dont want a wife... dont have a wife...
    If you think college is lame as fuck... dont go....

    Just learn to live with the choices you make. And Do What Interests YOU.
    Life is only as hard as ya make it. Live for the day ... why the fuck think ahead so far?

    And learn to not be able to be high all the time, itll be good for ya

    Edit: Or exit your dorm and go get high ?
  9. I think that to stop waiting, you need to forget that you are waiting, and just do whatever it is you want to do.

    You know who the best waiters (not restaurant-style) are? Bums.

    And what if you do none of those things? What if you do nothing? Are you still waiting?

    Are you waiting to die? I'm not.

  10. You ARE waiting for death though.

    It is coming for you. Death doesn't wait, YOU do.

    If you are nothing. You are nothing. Time does not apply to you, so you don't wait. "You" don't do anything.

    PS. I am pissed because I am not about to smoke weed in my dorm, but I want too.
    That is a great way to make yourself a teen statistic.
    I have not smoked weed in like...2 months. I want to.
  11. I would love to do what I want to do...government won't let me. :cool:

    They...you know....GOVERN me.

  12. I think you are actually missing the point.

    Waiting till you die and living until you die are two very different things.
  13. You aren't lifes bitch unless, you just let her bitch you around. We all realize this at some point, thats why we all wanna do something great or be better, and many times we need to do go to school and learn to how those so "great" things. Ever heard the saying knowledge is power? Its true knowledge is power.

  14. I read a lot.

    I am adamant that school is good for you.

  15. What happens when you die?

    Why don't you just shoot yourself in the head to bring death quicker that way you don't have to waste time "living"? These are all questions I am interested in.


  16. I would say that learning is good for all, but schooling is only good for some.
  17. all we are is decaying matter.

  18. Life is only pointless if you choose to look at it that way. Its all perception. Too bad I can't even follow my own advise most of the time.

  19. This guy is right.

    You know that dust sitting in the corners of your room...you know what that is?

    That is your decaying body.
    You are vacuuming your self.
  20. Life is pointless because it's a bitch then you die... thats' why we get high ;)

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