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Why is everyone so quiet tonight?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Is everyone hiding in their closet or what?
  2. hey.. you have 1234 posts

    ::does 1234 post dance::
  3. I'm not so quiet, you just can't hear me bitching!!!!
  4. lol... i'm not quiet... i've posted over 70 times today! LOL

    i can hear ya bitching butthead... you're bitching about not being able to see my ass again, LMAO!!! >>>J/K<<<
  5. Hahahaha I'm bitching because if you had shown your ass to Iraq, no one would be there!!! LOL

  6. yeah, I thought so....stupid war.

  7. So that's all we had to do this whole time? Cottons, you better get your ass over there!

  8. omg... you're killing me butthead... that's just too funny! LOL

    i got an idea... maybe i'll moon bush and he'll kill himself, thus ending the war! :D
  9. First wave,

    Cottons ass.

    Second wave,

    Norm's world famous ass, dropping carrot bombs.
  10. its been quite cause..

    I WASNT HERE! lol nah..
    but im here now, so let the party begin.. :p

    been out gettin hizigh
    no fun stories to tell for once tho! :(
  11. <big>LMFAO!!!!!!!</big>

    then we can all sit around the bomb fires listening to smokin tell stories :D
  12. Hahahahaha lol Smokie!

    Norm dropping carrots out his ass.. That must be the bunker Busters!

  13. this * MUST* get the bump,

    the bump like the bump i like to bump when I bump like the kinda bump that thread thread must get!


    this is just too funny smokie..


    cant beat these asses. not ever not anyday!!

    AND cause, this place just died

    EVERYTIME, I work theres 4300 posts, then EVERYONE scatters when I come home!!!!! so! thats is why.
  14. I've actually been quite a bit more active because of the war tonight, I have something like 30 posts today compared to my usual 4 or 5.

    and wasn't the government already testing out that mooning technology? you know, the really big one? the 'moab' or something? it stands for 'mother of all booties'.
  15. lol, I havent posted in the war thread at all tonight...
    I cant, I wont..
    but feel free to get loopy with me! :)

  16. nah, not in this city!!!
  17. Yhis will be the show your ass site before long..

    RMJL where is your ass???
  18. i've returned from my vacation from da city only to find that the net is soooooo bloooooody sluggish that i've only managed to load five pages in Grasscity over the whole of tnight and only posted once (twice if this actually works)

    i've got alot to say, but no vessel for saying it.

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