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Why is coughing a good thing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yosh139, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Ok so I always hear that coughing is good or it gets you higher. What is the reasoning behind that???
  2. I think the theory is that coughing opens up receptors or some shit.
    IMO the only reason I can think of is it signals if you were getting a good hit.
  3. Yah but i know some stoners that can take a 30 second rip and hold it in for like 10 and not cough at all. I think coughing is all in your head
  4. Its just your body's reaction to something foreign being in your lungs to get it out. At least that's how i think of coughs. Like sneezes, to remove stuff or when your nasal passage is irritated. Same with lungs I think.

    Holding the hit in increases the amount of tar into your lungs. Correct me if I'm wrong please. I only hold for about 2-5 sec.
  5. Hmm, I always thought it was embarrassing to cough.. Like you're a noob to smoking if you cough a lot. Haha, at least that's how my friends treat it.
  6. If someone says this: "You ain't smoking unless you choking" ignore them at all costs.
  7. Because it forces a sharp rush of air into your lungs helping mix in remaining smoke.

  8. Lol very true, good hits can get seasoned tokers coughing a lung up.
  9. It agitates the thc in your lungs.
  10. There throats are just more used to the heat and foreign particles.
  11. It let's less oxygen to your brain, so you think your getting higher, but your actually getting lightened from lack of oxygen. :)

  12. this, plain and simple. coughing comes with smoking, and shouldn't be treated as anything good or bad really.
  13. I don't hold my hits in at all. Just in and out like a cigarette. You'll get just as high. Not a race.

  14. Yes, it increases tar intake. In something I read, 80% of the THC gets absorbed in your body the first 3-5 seconds you hold it in, so you're doing the right amount of time I guess (;

  15. Lol half my friends say that half say coughing gets you higher. I had to ask since it came up so much.

  16. I hate tobacco now since i've gotten sick from it twice. (Nicotine poisoning) Anyways, I don't cough anymore but I was just curious about it since my friends sometimes cough.
  17. I used to chew nicotine gum to get a buzz
  18. Some people say coughing expands the cappilaries and other small blood vessels in your lungs, which allows your lungs to better absorb the THC and other Cannbibinoids in the marijuana smoke.

    Whether or not this is true, I am not sure, I could not find any real data from a controlled scientific experiment that was trying to answer that question.

    I personally usually feel higher when I cough, but whether that is from a lack of oxygen or anything else that goes along with coughing is your guess as well as mine.

    If you want to play it safe I guess just cough like a mother fucker your first hit if you feel so inclined ;)

    If anyone does find anything official on this topic, please post a link to the discovery.

  19. unless you have evidence to back this up then thats a very difficult claim to make. holding it in for an extra 4 seconds for instance should definitely have a difference than in and out as you say.

    for me its natural to just hold 2-4 seconds depending on how smooth the hit was and how my throat feels. i just like to savor this wonderful plant, savor the moment, if only for an extra 2 seconds.
  20. It is my understanding that you only need to hold your hit in for 3-4 seconds, after that like 99% of the thc is absorbed, so holding it any longer is futile.

    I just keep inhaling oxygen once I am done taking my hit for 3 seconds or so (to get all the smoke deep into my lungs), then slowly exhale.

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