Why I Smoke:Theory.. opinions please

Discussion in 'General' started by 4back55, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. When people ask me why I smoke I normally reply with, “because it makes me happy” (which is 100% true) or I'll say because I don't see anything wrong with it, its natural.. yada yada every stoners' reasoning. But I think if I were to honestly answer the question why I blaze every day, the answer would be slightly varied. Fact: I toke to forget about death. Truth be honest, I'm terrified of it to an overwhelming point and marijuana calms me and takes my mind off that. I'd also like to ask the vast majority of America why they attend church or the World; why they believe in a greater being… and I think if everyone answered fully honest; it would be to forget about death. “God” allows them to go about their days stress free, thinking they'll be saved or some bullshit. I know dankin' a fat blunt with homies isn't comparable to faith. But the overall view remains the same, and as we know the plant we love is a very versatile one, so this theory simply applies to specific situations. Or more?
    p.s. god didn't create us, we created god ;)
  2. Are you here to seek a reason to smoke?
    When someone ask me why I do, I usually give them a silly look and ask "are you serious?"
    anyways, ya god, life, and text, really trippy shit an all...

  3. thats a good point..
    maybe i do jus smoke to smoke and that avoiding religion a benefit not a probable reason for why.
    hmmm thank you
  4. Religion is just a way to secure humans a false sense of security.

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