Why I hate living at home

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    18, still in HS, quit smoking weed cold turkey after heavy use about two weeks ago. This just happened:
    -Walked to my brother's room to grab his headphones, sending a long text on my phone
    -Mom wakes up and goes to my room to see if I'm sleeping
    -I walk back to my room from upstairs, mom stops me
    (completely sober, white eyes, no way I looked high)
    -*gets bitched out for being awake*
    -*mom smells jacket*
    -"why do you smell like smoke?"
    -"what kind of smoke?"
    -"why does it matter?"
    -"cause I didn't smoke anything but my friend had a cig in my car"
    -"You didn't smell like this earlier? Are you starting this smoking shit again?"
    -"I haven't smoked anything"
    -*mom smells beanie*
    -"i'm drug testing you"
    -*I smell my beanie*, smells like laundry detergent
    -*I smell my jacket*, smells a little dusty... definitely not like smoke.
    sadly this isn't the first time it's happened... FML.
    Pt. 2
    The day before, I went to my car around 8pm to go get some topical cream out of it. I was asked why I was going, I told her, and she seriously didn't believe me. I said what the hell could I possibly do in the 60 seconds it takes to go to my car and back. She said I don't know but I'm gonna time you. Like, Dayum Boss. She wasn't joking around either. She seriously thought I was going to get high lmfao. :bongin:

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    ha dude same shit happens to me.  At least your 18 and get bitched at, I'm 24 and still get bitched at.  I need to cut this post college slacker phase and get a job and move back out.  
    Thats my answer, move out when you have the opportunity but make sure you will have something stable to move to, such as school or a good job.  
  3. Only solution is to enter the wonderful world of being grown up

    Get the fuck outta there pronto man if its such a problem

    Get them applications in , start detoxing for potential drug tests and hope u can get out of there soon
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    Yeah man. Hate still being in high school. I told her I stopped smoking out of respect for her (which is true, since she's extremely pissed off at my brother for dealing and smoking literally non stop) and my girlfriend. When she goes and accuses me of smoking weed when I'm not even buzzed or smell like dope, then tells me she's gonna drug test me literally makes me want to do it to be a rebellious bastard haha :metal:
    -regardless of if I smoked or not, I'd still fail a drug test because 2 weeks DEFINITELY ain't enough time.
  5. hey if you're gonna get blamed for it anyways, you might as well blaze
  6. I have read many of these threads,and i cant believe how some parents treat thier kids.

    If my mum ever said to me "im taking you for a drug test"
    Well i would laugh in her face.

    Seriously some of you're parents are way over the top IMO

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  7. Dude if your 18 don't let her treat you like your 15..
  8. Hahaha dude I wish man... My brother turns 21 in January and he's still getting the same shit as me lmao. He fights back of course but it don't do shit.
    She uses this argument with alcohol and I'm gonna use it with weed: if im old enough to fight for my country I'm old enough to go smoke a joint with my friends on the weekend. Ya know what I'm sayin'?
    show you're responsible. go to university or city college. get a career, not a job. try to live at home as much as possible while you're working and save enough money to lease an apartment (make sure you have atleast 6 months of rent saved up before you do move out). 
    when you're out, you live by your own rules.
    but then you won't have fresh cleaned laundry, free home cooked meals, free electricity and other utilities, etc.

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