Why I believe picking a religion is inherently flawed

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  1. I came to a conclusion recently that once you pick a religion to follow (Christianity for example) you are now saying "I'm right and you are wrong" to all other religions. So whose right? are the Christians right or is it the Muslims or maybe the terrorists are. The point is, I don't believe it's up to me to decide whose right and wrong. And if I'm wrong, then many many other people will be wrong with me. I dont think that whichever omniscient power oversees us is that petty. So i'm content sitting back and watching the rest of society waste their time :)
  2. Give me one good reason not to feel compassion for all "sentient" beings.
  3. Try applying this model to everything that divides humanity. Race, ethnicity, politics, personal beliefs.

    Concepts can not hurt people. There is no threat, other than to the ego.
    It is when people choose to physically defend their position that we create suffering.

    You make a very important distinction here. Kudos to you.
  4. Maybe im just confused, but i dont see what this has to do with my post
  5. I was just wondering if you could. You seem like the opinionated type, in a good way, I mean. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on that.
  6. Haha yea I am very opinionated. It's all good I was just unsure.

    Anyway so I'm clear, are we defining sentient being are all beings with awareness and conscience? (humans are the only animals that we know of being sentient).

    Given that, one thing I have been having some trouble with lately is the desire to give a shit about my actions. If we are just evolved monkeys, with no special purpose other than to live and reproduce then why care about being what society has told me to be (a "good" person) when the sun engulfs the planet or we otherwise get destroyed and wiped out then it all seems so insignificant. My actions on this one planet which is one of an infinite number of planets in our universe seem to trivial and the only thing keeping me acting like a civilized "good" person is because I know society's consequences for "bad" behavior and would like to avoid that, but on a cosmic and spiritual scale I believe our actions are meaningless. With that said, to answer you're question I'd say it doesnt matter if you have compassion for other sentient beings in the scheme of the universe

    However!, if we as a species wish to continue to prosper and evolve into more compassionate caring people then I believe it's a good idea to have compassion. I believe a new species will evolve out of current human sapeins, one with more intellect and compassion. Because as I see it now, we are way to close to other animals and it's causing way way too many self defeating behaviors and is seriously hindering human prosperity.

    So I kno it was long but I say either choice is acceptable if you justify it. If you dont give a fuck then dont have compassion, but if you are interested in the well being of your fellow man then I fully believe in it.
  7. Sounds like a reasonable view to me, honestly. So then, is the "Golden Rule" trite these days?
  8. What is so wrong with saying I don't know?
  9. thats the pussy way out. in the end I still have fucking clue what the truth is, but its so much more fun to think about it.
  10. I'll damn god when you tell me how the first life form came to be and how the big bang started, until then fuck off.
  11. How compassionate and understanding of the limitations of others' belief systems. :p
  12. On the contrary, I know quite a few theists of different religions who believe that they can be wrong in their choice of beliefs, and/or another religion beside their own is "the right one". None of these theists neither judge or condemn others who don't believe in what they do.

    This is why I'm spiritual and not religous ;).
  13. religion is about what is best for someone. its an individuals choice and maybe one day you will experience something that makes you believe in one thing (a religion)
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    I never said god didnt exist or even talked negatively about god, wtf is up with people assuming shit I never said??? :confused:

    I believe in a higher power, I also believe he has no impact in our daily life, he's just watching his creation. I'm not damning god, I'm damning how people construe and fuck it up. Assuming makes an ass out of you and.. well just you :smoke:
  15. They are the exception not the rule, I'm talking about the majority of religious people you see (especially evangelicals). I know buddhists and shit and others are excepting of others but they are still using religion as a way to divide and put us in groups which is wrong.
  16. Actually you are 100% correct. I did experience something that makes me believe in one thing. Thus the point of this thread. Like you said its whats best for someone and this is best for me, so wheres the issue?
  17. Well then stop damning religions, and telling people that they are stupid in believing them. All religion is, is a reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and as a self help book, the people that take it literally are for the birds, which you are doing.

  18. I find that I walk "the middle path", in that I believe everything, anything and nothing at all are all possible. Its a very versatile way of viewing things. To me, your religion (or lack there of) is just as possible as the next person's, no matter what. Many people seem to think this would stir a confliction within myself, but it doesn't.

    I do not "believe in one thing". I haven't for quite a while. Weed, my spirituality and Zen have opened my eyes to the illusions of "reality" - or perhaps they haven't ;).

    If "picking a religion" is "inherently flawed", then it seems that picking any one single system of beliefs would be flawed as well.

    Its all about your own perception upon this rippling pond we call "existence" - or perhaps it isn't ;).
  19. I agree shauneh, I accept that I am probably wrong and that anything is possible. Perception defines everything in our lives.
  20. Sorry I didnt reply sooner. That's a good question tho. It goes back to an individuals choice IMO. If they dom't believe in karma or in hell or any cosmic consequences for their actions I can very easily see how they would lose all faith in the golden rule. But there's an issue with that belief, we live in a society that where people generally will treat you as you have treated them so to be a more successful human on this planet with friends, family, good job etc. it's probably in our best interest to follow to golden rule.But if none of that shit matters to you then I say fuck it do what you want :smoke:

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