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Why Hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Caboose, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. decided to put this in the aprentice section
    its something i never quite understood

    why make hash if you have weed or kief
    maybe it because ive only been smokin for a little while
    but why would you take good kief and make hash?

    why not just smoke it straight

    thanks gc
  2. Hash is more concentrated that weed or kief, so it hits harder and you don't have to inhale as much crap into your lungs. But mostly it's because it hits harder. Imagine taking a huge bong hit. Now imagine taking a bong rip that's the same size, but multiple times more potent. That's why people smoke hash. The headrush is insane compared to weed.
  3. I make hash out of B-Grade bitty buds and sugar trim (trich covered bud leaves after manicuring).

    I have more than enough A-Grade buds around, so I don't mind making hash out of the left-overs.
  4. ok cool thanks guys

    ive always wanted to try some but never had enough to make any
    is it worth buyin if a dealer has any
    or should i just stay with buying dank

  5. Hash is always a nice change, but I still prefer good bud for daily use.

    If you have access to Hash then I say by all means try it.
  6. In my weed circle the dealer's around here act like hash is some mystical thing that doesnt exisy unless they have it, so they try to charge an arm and a leg for it. So I usually just stay away unless someone throws some in a nortern cali though when im up there we smoke alot of the stuff.
  7. it's just a more compact form of kief so it smokes longer pretty much

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