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Why Grow Big During 3-4 weeks flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Smokey Bandit, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Well Ive been growing and using FF for a couple of years and I find myself asking Why Grow Big During 3-4 weeks flowering? I really dont know Ive google with no answer so please clue me in on why Im using it.I mean when I did DWC I followed Lucas's formula and it never used the grow nutes only bloom and micro he was against using grow at all because of large foliage growth.Would my plants stay smaller if I didnt add the grow during flowering?Would I get less stretch which would be really nice?Would my buds be affected without it? Thanx Smokey
  2. i cut out the grow big at a couple days before flip to flower and then i use it about every 10 days during flower to provide a little nit...i use blackstap molasas instead to plump the buds:smoke:
  3. it helps the plant become stronger
  4. How much do you use the recommended 2tsp or just a couple of ml per gal? Smokey
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    maybe 1tsp per gallon..i mix it up with my nutes depending on what the plants tellin' me..i know its corny yodo type shit but by lookin' at em i just free style on nutes and go by ec and ppm..thats why i like blackstrap unsulfered molassas..during flower..adds carbs to the plant during flower for vigor and plumps the buds up and sticky....and mellows the flavor of the smoke..about 2 to up to 4 tablespoon per gallon every other feeding:smoke:i amend my medium with worm casting and bat guano to prevent nutes defs. later...organics work slower and act as a buffer...but dont forget their in ther if ya add em..just cooked a couple seedlings like some plain medium for sprouts
  6. I also add Floralicous plus molasses type of product but with more natural stuff and refined.I have to agree with you on the carbs whenever I use this or plain molasses the plants they look so healthy and happy with the praying leafs.I think I will try 1 tsp this time and see how it goes. Rep+ Thanx Smokey

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