why germinate?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Rebel, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. i see alot of people talkin about this but i don't see the benifit, personally i've had better luck just droppin the seed in about a 1/4" deep hole and then coverin with soil and make sure it is moist. haven't had one not sprout yet
  2. i guess people just like to know there seed has sprouted before they put it in soil am trying both methods at mo ad 1/2 on paper towel an am w8in on the one i put in soil atm just bin in there a day so far
  3. yea as long as the soil is moist and u didn't pack it down probably see a sprout in about 4-5days
  4. Absolutely. Germinating seeds on a paper towel does not speed up germination, nor does it increase the % of those that germinate, compared with moist soil at the same temperature.

    The ONLY advantage of using paper towels is that duff seeds are identified before any effort is expended providing them with pots and compost.
  5. And the big disadvantage of paper towel germination is root damage.

  6. Yes, which is why I do not generally use paper towels. I put my seeds in a glass of water just until they split. And plant that seed in soil. The duff ones just do nothing, usually float.

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