why flush???

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  1. What do they mean by flush your plant?...why do u do this? How do u do this (in detail plz plz plz) and what does it do?....do u use water or do u use a substance cause my ff kit came with a sledgehammer flush?????....
  2. I do not know about soil grows, but in hydroponics you flush to remove as much nutrients as possible from the plant prior to harvest to improve quality of the finished product.(You run only PH adjusted water trough the system (PH 5.8), no nutrients)
    People flush on average 7-14 days .For instance Technaflora nutrients recommend to flush only for 4 days.
    Some groves said that they do not flush at all and final product burn and taste good (no chemical taste).
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    It's as simple as it sounds. Run water trough the soil.
    How I do it
    Put potted plant on garden bed
    Get hose
    Flush some more
    Look at runoff is it now clear? If yes soil is flushed of all neuts.
    Put plant back into flower room for the final 1-2 weeks
    The plant then soaks up nothing but clean water

    That's it no real magic to it. Stay away from products that claim to flush your plants. You don't get rid of chemicals with more chemicals.

    And tell those production guys who don't flush they are full o shit
  4. Ok well my foxfarm feeding schudel says. Do. Nutes week 1 to 4 then flush 567 then flush again....8910 flush then 11 12.... why would I do it like that....if your saying flush the 2nd to the last week.....also by flush flush flush won't it way over water it???
  5. It only over waters when you keep the soil soaked at all times. It can only get so wet. Then it starts drying out.
  6. It will only take so much water. If the plant is due for a feeding anyways the pot is dry
    Overwatering only happens when the soil isn't given a chance to dry out between waterings. Kept wet all the time is a no no
    When it's time to chop the pot is light again.
    I have flushed midway before. But now only at the end.
    As to the manufacturers instructions. If you follow them to a tee you usually end up with burnt dead plants. They are merely a guide. You'll get better advice from real growers over a company's schedule of bullshit.
  7. Best way to sum it up is nice soil hits max hydration any new water pushes out old water
    Along with your neuts that remain laden in your soil unused

    Trust me once you see how long it takes of clean water to get clean runoff. You'll realize your plant didn't take half the neuts you poured into her. Big waste of money. At least that's how I felt. That's why I flush onto my flowerbeds instead of down a drain. At least the roses will be beautiful. Lol
  8. Haha good point on the roses bushes and ty that's very helpful info tyvm for the details u put in
  9. flush because if you leave it in the toilet visiting ladies might get turned off
  10. Ah I'm married that shit don't matter no more lmao
  11. If it's yellow let it mellow. If it's brown flush it down lol
  12. This question has been asked and answered many times, and you can benefit from all of that knowledge and sharing in a very simple way: use the search button. If you search for threads with the word 'flush' in the title then you will zero in on the info you need.
  13. If a plant grows naturally outdoors in soil it does not get flushed but it still shows it's age with yellowing leaves and all indications of a lack of nutrients we see inside in containers after a late-life flush. It's fall, days are shorter, plant is in a different mode.

    Why does an outdoor unflushed plant "finish" like and indoor container plant that has been flushed?


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