Why don't I get much smoke from my pipe?

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  1. Most of the hits I get from smoking my pipe don't have much smoke from it.. when I exhale no smoke comes out but I definitely know smoke is going through the chamber. Joints, blunts, bongs, and other people's pipes give me a lot of smoke but it seems to be my pipe not giving me much.
  2. Only reason is it clog clean that shit...unless its not a pipe its a toy.
  3. try cleaning it
  4. It's clean I clean it very often
  5. you probably have resin stuck in it that isn't plunging it, but reducing the amount of smoke that can get through. that or if its like old and beaten up or somethin you might be getting air from somewhere (but thats really unlikely)
  6. if its not clogged make sure your holding the carb ;)
  7. I am...
  8. Some pipes just dont produce thick smoke, most of the time the fault lies in a mishapen bowl.

    Could it be the way you pack it?
  9. check for cracks/places where smoke can escape. other than that, clean with alcohol and salt
  10. Cheap pipes tend to not produce much smoke.

    If its a quality piece its likely that it's defective. Probably an air leak
  11. I pack small nugs
  12. do you use a screen? is it clean?
  13. No screen, and yes it's clean no resin build up and no cracks

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