Why don't I get morning wood?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Tray Dub, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I feel like I'm missing out on one of the better parts of manhood. Explain my limp morning penis to me. I don't have ED.
  2. i. . .

    im sorry bro.
  3. what...

    no morning wood??

    no, seriously?
  4. Erectile Dysfunction?
  5. try putting something around your dick that will stretch or move if you get an erection in your sleep. .

    thats a way to test if you got ED or not
  6. It's really weird that you posted this... I don't believe you either.
  7. its possible im sure. .

    i always get kinda freaked out when iwake up without a boner
  8. I think I might have to ask for pics on this

    lol jk.
  9. :hide:
  10. I dont always....
  11. ^^^^ hahahahah blonde bitch gets TAKEN OUT. I love the black guy in the back left's expression.
  12. Did you know if you masturbate under the influence of alcohol its suppose to increase your chances of ED. Thats why so many americans have it HAH!
  13. But I can get an erection whenever I damn well please, except when I'm asleep. So doesn't that rule out ED?
  14. well.. .

    thats pretty odd.

    a huge part about puberty is night boners. . and the subsequent movements.

    uhhhh. .
    ill take that as a compliment?
  15. hmmmm........

    try sleeping with some porno on your head phones or something, maybe youll wake up with a boner :confused:

    but to say youve never had morning wood is pretty fucking weird sounding, ive been stricken with the disease since age 14 probably
  16. ^^^^^^
    Lol at blazeitup420 "pics or it didn't happen" lmao

  17. I have, it's just pretty rare.
  18. i used to

    not anymore

    don't know why

    i can get one just fine

    i always found it annoying

    trying to get back to sleep at 9 am

    and having to rearrange it every 5 mins
  19. i dont ALWAYS...
    But most of the time.
  20. You're lucky then... it's annoying.

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