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Why dont all growers grow dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by carpe diem, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Why dont all growers grow dank? Why grow lower quality weed, you can make more money growing dank?
  2. lol its not that simple....
  3. Most seeds (if not all, unless its a really shitty strain) have the potential to grow into dank. It's what the grower does (or does not do) to the plant before, during, and after the grow. Drying, curing, all of these things affect the quality of the bud you smoke every day.
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    Lower quality weed was intended to be dank, but wasn't grown properly. There are so many things that can go wrong and lessen the quality of the cheeba.. Problems in growth, hermies, sick plants, not harvested/ cured right.. bricked up and squished together....

    Do you think people are out there saying ah fuck it man lets just grow some bullshit ditch weed. Lol no... Every bag-seed grow you see on here that gets to the flowering stage you will see no matter how shitty the weed was where you got the seed from, the plant still does AMAZING.


    Beat me to it :)

  5. alright that makes sense thanks for the info fellas
  6. Also growing danks gives you herpes,
    so its not often done.
  7. Why don't all cooks cook world class meals? It takes good ingredients (genetics, i.e. seeds) as well as the knowledge, attention to detail, and skill.
  8. That is incorrect. Yes you can improve on the quality if the herb you got the seeds from wasn't grown well, but you can't magically transform mids into medical grade.

  9. i thought it was more of a thing were you as long as you had the right seeds, than you could basically grow dank
  10. Lol, not every grower has fertile soil, money, extra hands, equipment and a perfect smuggling operation. And not everyone wants to buy the best weed, these days I'd rather stash that cash because I don't know when its gonna stop flowing.

  11. I know...I don't think I ever said that though.
  12. Not really. It still takes experience and proper know how. Not that it's really hard.
  13. Well I'm no authority in the matter, but think about it logically. Not everybody smokes dank all the time. A lot of people buy different variations of dank and regs/mids/whatever you wanna call it. Regs is always going to sell and in a greater quantity because it's cheaper. If I was a grower, I would probably split my crop 50/50. Then again, there are most likely growers that do only grow dank; and on the flip side, growers that only grow regs. There are probably other factors that go into what is grown, like location (geographically and socially). It makes sense if you think about it because after all it is a business.
  14. In my opinion cheeba is easier to grow than almost anything, exept tomatoes...remember its a weed that probably grew like daisies before it was made illegal.

    But thats a good question....i think in the modern day there is mostly dank going around...besides commercially grown beasters. But all that schagg an mids is probably weed thats like 5-10 years old from mexico thats just hittin the streets from its journey down the chain.

  15. You also have to devote more love, time and money to grow good marijuana. That is why everyone who smokes should grow their own, and put an end to the Mexican mayhem.

    Highly doubtful...

  16. just a theory...
  17. they might fuck up and not grow the plant right. people dont plan on growing shwag it just happens because somewhere along the lines they fucked up the growing prcoess
  18. Growing dank weed requires a lot of care, maintenance, good materials and knowledge.

    Most weed on the streets is grown on huge acres of land in South America, where they pretty much just throw the seeds and let them grow.

    Money is the biggest factor here.

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