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Why Doesnt Everyone Vape?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2313, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. It's cheaper and if you do it right you get a cleaner better high than smoking bongs or blunts. It doesn't make any sense to me why people wouldn't wanna use a money saving and weed saving device?
    ive never tried it, how much do they usualy cost around?
    whats the cheapest you've seen?
    i broke my bong, and im really hoping my boyfriend doesnt find out. but i know he eventualy will ._. my ass is so dead
  3. you will never understand this question if you haft to ask it..
  4. "Haft" wow I hope that was a joke. Did you mean have?
  5. You can get a portable battery powers magic flight launch box for like 100$

    Or a plug in vape for anywhere between 30-500$
  6. I like to smoke joints, simples
  7. I dont cause i heard it tastes like shit
  8. Some people just like the act of smoking or the high better. Personally there isn't one thing that smoking has that beats vaping in my opinion, but some people just aren't worried about conservation and just like the less clean high better.
  9. every method of smoking has its advantages, whether you prefer it or not. and vaping may be cheap in the long run, but it's more expensive up front (some people also dont like having pieces at all for whatever reason)
    i like to vape, but i prefer to smoke the vast majority of the time.
  10. Hell yeah me to! I do wanna try vaping tho...
  11. And I heard that shitty vapes give off a weird taste, but Ive been using my extreme q for a year and a half and Id say vaping it the best way to taste your herb, its like smelling it with your tongue to me. Now smoking kinda tastes like shit to me tbh.
  12. nope i meant, kiss my ass
  13. bongs are just my favorite way to smoke. nothing like a milky rip. you just can't get that with a vape. vapes are nice though i had a vaporite hyper for a couple years and loved it. 
  14. The only problem is that you cant smoke them on the go, and you have to have a lump sum of money to buy the thing before it starts actually saving you money. some people aren't willing to make the investment even though in the long run you will save money, it's still a difficult concept to spend $100-$500 on a vape.
  15. why do people smoke tobacco in a cigarette or a pipe when they can just use an e-cig? same thing. not everyone prefers vaping
  16. i dislike the high from vapes and i don't have to worry about saving weed at all ill stick to my bong
  17. I prefer bong.

    Vapes aren't as tasty, take longer, and give me a different kind of high.

    That doesn't mean I don't like them though. A good vape sesh is nice one in a while but the bong gets the daily use from me. :bongin:

    Sent from my Samsung GS4 SCH-I545

  18. i prefer joints and blunts because i like lung cancer
  19. That's stupid. I enjoy them on special occasions. I like bowls personally, but just got a new bubbler for water filtration. Fuck cancer.

    See, thing is, lot's of people just can't afford a good vape. That's my problem at least. I am saving for one though. 
  20. Half the fun of getting high is smoking with your friends. Passing around a bong, blunt, joint, or even a pipe is way more fun than passing around a vape or some shit. I had an mflb, vaping was fun for a couple of months, but i just went back to smoking cause vaping bud isnt fun. Nothing beats the rush of a huge bong rip or kicking back with a blunt. Sure if i want to get high w/o any smell and an element of stealth i would use a vape, but fuck that shit. No offense, I just couldnt hit a vape forever.

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