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Why does your weed cost so much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Quebec Ganja, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Hey guys i'm new to grasscity and this is my first post, so please dont be mean to me if you think it's stupid or irrelevant.
    So i've been smoking for around 2 years now and where i'm from (Quebec) it's quite common to get a gram of weed that's decent enough for around 5$. Ounces of outdoor cost about 80$ and the best indoor would be max 150-180$.

    Is this common to any other provinces or states, because all I see around other threads is that you buy your Oz. for 200-400$. For me that's really fucked up and please trust me, i'm not a lightweight and our local weed still gets me hiiiiigh.

    So my questions are, what's your usual buying price and why does weed from elsewhere cost so much ???

  2. Common east coast prices (for the best shit) are $20 a gram, $60 3.5g, $100 7g, $170 14g, $300 O
  3. More growers, less people overall. Laid back attitude also leads to more people growing and lower prices. Supply and demand; it's not that hard to understand.
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  4. Because of the drug war. Supposedly weed was alot cheaper before Nixon started the war on drugs in 1971. Where do you think the term Dime bag comes from?.
  5. because drug dealers are fucking bitches. When I start growing I'll hook up all my homies with the best deals in town.
  6. I live in Cali 20 dollar eighths 40 a qo
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  7. thanks for the replies guys !
  8. Livin in Ontario/Quebec to! $10 a gram of ANY weed (dank or schwag) and I can get ounces of high mids for $90 its great. Real strains run me about 150 an ounce, still not bad ;)

  9. yeah mannn. pa never has great prices
  10. Dude Im on the east coast and pay the same 20 a g prices. It sucks ass.
  11. Well where I'm from in California I get same prices as you
  12. Because it's worth whatever people will pay. If everyone stopped paying 20 a g then prices would soon go down
  13. Can't wait to get back to Ohio for school. Going from 60/eighth to 50 and 100/q to 90 makes a big difference. It works out to an extra eighth to a quarter per month or so
  14. No wtf in mass I get my 8ths for 30 a gram around me is 10 7 grams of loud is 60 for me
  15. What state in the east code wtf
  16. Lol, it's not the drug dealers fault. You act like the person selling your weed to you is growing it too.

    I bet he went through with that plan to grow and then sell directly to customers, that's why hes in prison now.
  17. Eventually you will get sick and tired of being dependent upon others; you will advance and grow your own.

    Serve yourself...
  18. My weed doesn't cost much
  19. On the same Cali competitive pricing/donation scale.
    Standard dispensary pickup is an eighth at $20 for strains I'm accustomed to.

    Recreational laws might change that tho...Price hikes for everyone :(
  20. Weed is $100 an ounce or less on the street here in southern Oregon. Sounds close to what you're paying in Quebec.

    If you know a grower, it's free for about a month after harvest...then they sober up and start charging again.
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