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Why does your breath smell like shit?

Discussion in 'General' started by ptownroll, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Smell your breath and tell us why it smells like shit.

    Was sitting here and noticed I had a bad taste in my mouth, my breath smells like shit because I woke up at 4pm and didnt brush my teeth. I also ate left over Chinese food, a breakfast sandwich and some ruffles bbq chips.
  2. Pretty sure it's the same reason for everyone.. bacteria.
  3. loool forgot to brush//it actually doesn't smell like shit tho
    it kinda smells like fries & like eggs or somethin =\
  4. Because of peanut butter....
  5. It probably smells like shit cuz you eat shit.
  6. I drank a lot of coke today, ate some steak, ate some string cheese.

    Didn't brush.
  7. mine smell fine cuz i brush my teeth 3+4 times a day

  8. If you're not careful you can actually scrape enamel off your teeth that way.
  9. I brush and floss regularly and drink a shit ton of water. Only have bad breath in the morning.
  10. Bullshit.

    Aint nobody got time for that
  11. It doesn't; I brush my teeth twice a day.

    Silly me for thinking that everybody brushed their teeth daily. Ya'll nasty.
  12. I dont think mine smells to bad :confused:
  13. lol no one but me, i have braces and i eat a lot so i have to brush them
  14. Yeah I try to not brush them too hard, just lightly but enough to clean any pieces of food out and i also brush my tongue
  15. Excuse you sir
    But I just smoked a fat ass blunt and used some mouthwash
    So my breath does not smell like shit thank you very much!

  16. Mine does because I no brush this morning.
    Been eating some raunchy foods all day haha sprite after sprite man I'm gonna die soon probably..
    And smoking dank n sich..

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