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Why does weed do this to me now?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TyroneMane, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. So I just started smoking weed earlier this year and before that, I had never smoked weed before. Since I smoked for the first time, I had started only smoking on the weekends whenever friends would come over. But about 2 months after that, I started smoking multiple times a week and some weeks, it would be almost everyday. Marijuana always affected me in a weird way. Like in a group of friends, I would always smoke the least but get the highest. And Instead of just chilling and laying on the couch, I would get LOTS of energy. So anyway, there was this time recently, about 2-3 weeks ago where me and my friend had bought a gram of loud one night and smoked a blunt. At first, everything was fine and it was affecting me how weed always had affected me. I just got lots of energy, really happy, really excited, etc. and I can say that this was among the highest I had ever gotten. But after a little while, I started to feel really weird. It was like I had a lot of anxiety and was freaking out about things. I think I was getting really paranoid and I had just wanted it to stop.. I just wanted to go back to the normal feelings of being high. That ended up being the worst high I had ever had just because of what it did to me. Since then, I have had a few more times be like that, where I just get really scared and have lots of anxiety about everything. It feels like my heart is beating really fast, I feel lightheaded, and just like a sick feeling. I have smoked and had some good highs where I'm happy and feeling good though but for the most part, weed doesn't affect me like how it use to. I'm not sure why but I really don't like what it does now and I just want getting high to be like it was before I had that one bad high. A bit of other info... it can't be the weed because it's happened to me when I've smoked good quality weed and also it's happened to different strains of weed. Any advice?
  2. are you in a legal state?

    sativa has those effects sounds like you got some unripe sativa and it was missing CBN.
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  3. No, I'm not in a legal state
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  4. Smoked too much. Greened out. It happens...wouldn't worry too much about it. Could it happen again? Sure, if you psyche yourself out about it.

    Agree that it might have been a Sativa and you may just not have been prepared for that level of THC.
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  5. I've smoked sativa before though and it been completely fine. I've also smoked more weed than I did when I had the bad high
  6. Sometimes it's your mindset going into it. I thought I knew a lot when I first started and it took me 5 years to realize that there are a ridiculous amount of factors that can lead to such experiences. Cures/Flushes/Strains/people/energy...etc. etc.

    There are so many variables that it's impossible to tell really. Just like with life though, there are good AND bad days. I've had some nightmarish panic attacks much worse than you described when I started out. Just keep trucking along and try smoking ALONE and see if that's any different. Sometimes when you get high around certain people when you're high it just doesn't work the way it used to.

    Listen to your spirit. Not saying your friends are scum, but sometimes being high makes you more sensitive to energies that wouldn't bother you sober. Worth a look.

    Sometimes you just don't need to get "blasted" around people that have a tolerance. Just because you've "smoked more" at other times, doesn't mean it was that potent. There are a lot of factors as I said. 12% THC vs 20% can make a helluva difference.
  7. Yeah I guess I'll just have to experiment. It actually hasn't happened any when I'm alone though. Maybe that's because I don't smoke as much when I'm alone but idk. Do you think going on a small break from smoking would help anything?
  8. I think taking a break isn't ever a "bad" idea. Less is more.

    I'd personally just smoke alone and find your sweet spot again before smoking with others. My experience is that since my friends all had higher tolerances than me, I always smoked more than I needed to and that sometimes produced some undesirable effects that I didn't feel until it hit me like a train. It's hard to smoke less when the herb is flowing freely but sometimes that's the way to go.

    Play some good music and just absorb into that when you have anxiety or spend some time outside by yourself if you have to. They'll understand.
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  9. #9 Argonian420, Jun 27, 2017
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  10. It's called nicotine and it is in the tobacco leaf of your blunt. Nicotine makes the beginner feel nauseous and queasy. Cannabis is not a drug, it is an herbal supplement. When you add drugs to your herb, your chances of feeling shitty skyrocket. Certain genetics of cannabis will give you nostalgia or euphoria. Combine good feels with nicotine spins and you will have an anxiety spell. Smoke weed by itself and notice the differences because big tobacco sells the same poison to everyone.

    Hope you learned from your past.
  11. Yea but you said yourself that you picked up a g of loud so even if you smoked less you were prolly getting more thc
  12. Rice papers sir. :)
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  13. Probably affects from the nasty ass tobacco you rolled that beautiful cannabis in!
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  14. Yeah. I have smoked a blunt before and it not done this so it's just really weird
  15. Yeah. I have smoked a blunt before and it not done this so it's just really weird
  16. Stop smoking for now.

    Weed will be there later on. I'm sure of it.
  17. never even heard of those lol
  18. Like others have said, many factors can affect your smoking experience. The strain, the flush, the cure, method of smoking, your environment, the company you're keeping, your mindset. Especially early on in your smoking days.
    I once took 2 small hits from my chillum and spent an hour trying to find my way out of a Walmart. This was strange, cause it was from the bottom of a qtr I'd been smoking on for a couple of weeks and never had it hit me so hard before. It was hilarious once I just embraced the situation.
    And I'd steer clear of the tobacco unless you use already smoke cigs or something.

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