Why Does This Thing Spin?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by EarthWand, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. As you may have heard, (or maybe you didn't I could never know for sure), I am here to help explain why things obey apparent natural guide lines - or at least that seems to be the reason anyhow.

    Right now I have absolutely nothing with which I can base a topical opinion, (not the result of an empty mind, more the result of short term memory loss spread out over a really long time).

    So I ask you to respond in a fashion of similar vain.
    Given freedom from direction should make interesting occurrences.
  2. man, u confuse the shit outta me
    buts thats all good
    i read your post 5 times, not understanding anything...but somehow i felt more wiser after reading it then before reading it

    try to explain that!
    u got some wise shit to say...some time i look forward to confusing ya

  3. See, now that's a response from the heart.
    Reading it raises a couple of questions:

    1. Why did you expect the post to be normal?

    2. What is it exactly that makes a normal post?

    I'm open to any school on this one.
  4. questioning normality is not a normal phenomenon

    normality is something htat is *just* there.

    the normality never strikes us as being normal, but abnormaility of anything quickly strickes us as being abnormal

    hence, anything that *strikes* us (by strikes, here and in the paragraph above i mean stands out) is abnormal, and hence by definition, not normal.

    thus by the definion above, a post that strickes (in a reletive) is abnormal.

    as to why did i expect the post to be normal....i did not expect it to strike me to such an extent that i had to read it 4-5 times to understand it.....why did i not expect this... cuz its never happend before


    wot u say bout my responce?

  5. That's good man, had to read that a couple of times myself. It all made sense though, somewhere...

    Do you think it's possible to coninue a topicless virtual interaction for beyond any lack of resolution?
  6. somedays its all about the mush between your toes...
  7. LOL @ dirtydingusus

    Some days the space between your toes become more important than the mush.
    Space in its usual form is what I'd really like to talk about, there's so much of it about.

    Did you know that if you flew off into space in a straight line, (this is according to Albert Einstein), you would probably never see the planet Earth ever again!!!

    According to relativity that is...
  8. topic less virtual interation beyond any resoulution....

    what interation HAS a "resoultion", by resoultion i mean thats it, ie, game set match? none....

    but a virtual interation, maybe has the possibility of a resoultion more than a real interation, as when the virtual interation becomes a real interation, the virtual interation is finished, and if no longer present it is resolved. however, just because it is resolved, does not mean that all parties that are involved in this interation are happy with the outset!

    who is woddy wood pecker? and what is the mush between his toes? does he need to go to a pedicurist?

  9. People - I have been sitting in front of this computer ranting complete and utter bollocks for over twenty four hours now.
    Don't ask me what I've been using the computer for all that time because my answer shall be a wasted cause!!

    Oh yea, I wrote a short thing about the Suns destiny:

    Existence is brutal, existence is futile
    survival, revival, surviving reviving
    the colience of science, the battle of giants,

    that's Mother natures bastard sun!

    -Should get an award for that one-lol
  10. holy shit i got a head ache lmao the only thing i understood was the last post what was the topic again ?
  11. you see its just that it is all moveing all the time ...

    so noplace is ever in the same place twice...

    even if you go there every day ...

    it is in a diferent place

    if you never move your body ....

    each day you will still wake up miles and miles and miles from where you where the day before

    you have no controle over it ever....

    it just keeps tumbleing thru the void
  12. how can one be so sure man has anyone ever proved it?adn if so where can i see the data ?
  13. ok....stay perfectly still........and in a few yrs we will come and check on you ...and take a few mesurments....(that is if we can find where you are affter all that time..and space has elapsed..

    then we will know for sure
  14. true dat dirty digusus

    which finaly brings us to the subject this discussion is based on...some what randomly....why does it (our life) keep spinning around, even when we aint doing anything to keep it spinning?
  15. if a record spins on a turntable, the inside moves at the same speed as the outer edge, and yet the outer edge has to move a greater distance.
    as i go about my meagre existance with my bong, i find myself delving deeper into the phenomenon of life, and yet it would appear to an onlooker that im not moving anywhere. but the business class working man busts his ass all day and learns no more about himself than he knew the day before. does this reflect a spinning record or am i just really fried?
  16. chillz u say
    if a record spins on a turntable, the inside moves at the same speed as the outer edge, and yet the outer edge has to move a greater distance.

    this is not correct.

    "speed" is a relation of displacment moved not distance. it is not a vector quantity, but a scalar one. as the record does not move its position, but just goes around in circles, it does not move from where it started, hence its speed is 0 no matter if its ad the middle of the record, or the very outside of it.

    However, the record DOES move, and it moves as a vector. So it undergoes, "velocity" As the vector quantiy of its distance moved is measured, and as it is undergoing circular movment, its fastness of movment is called rotational velocity. As this vector quantity of distance moved is more at the outside of the record than the inside, its rotational velocity is diffrent at diffrent lenghts from the center of the record.

    so...if talking in purly scaler terms...speed is 0 everywhere on the record, and the displacement is 0 everywhere on the record as well.

    if talking in purly vector terms, rotational velocity is diffrence everywhere on the record, and distance moved varies proportianl to time and rotainal veloctiy.

    you can discuss record movment in either manner, but you can mix the two as you just did.

    (9th grade physics)
  17. dude, i realize that confusing people who obviously dont understand what you're talking about makes you feel more intelligent. and if that's how you get off, thats cool. but if you were to mark a spot on the outer edge of a record, and rotate the record 360 degrees, that spot would have travelled the distance of the perimiter of that record. which is moving. now i dont really give a fuck if i used the wrong little mathematical terms for what i just said, the point is what i meant by it. if you have a problem with the way i try to explain my point, try being a 9th grade teacher. im sure in that situation you can throw your intellectual weight around all you want. and i didnt ask you to tell me about how wrong i was in the first thing i said. i just asked if what i said made sense. look man, im not talking to be mocked, and i dont really care about your superiority complex. not to mention i was fucking ripped.
  18. p.s. i dont like you
  19. no offense
  20. Wow - That took ages......

    What's happening then?

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