Why does this seedling look so weird and twisted?

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  1. This seedling is about 2 weeks old. I have it under a SF2000 at 25" with the dimmer turned down to 40%. I'm wondering why does it look so lopsided and twisted? Also noticed there are fungus gnats inside the soil. (Brand new bag of roots organic soil). I don't understand how people keep gnats under control when the humidity reaches 60-70% but that's besides my real question on why it's so weird looking? 20221228_130142.jpg 20221228_130154.jpg

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  2. Prolly genetics

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    Seedlings can grow funky. Use sticky traps to catch adult gnats hanging and ontop of soil. Use mosquito dunks 1 dunk per gallon of water to kill larva in soil. Keep tent closed to prevent gnats only opening every couple to several days to water.

    If gnats are bad in soil can sprinkle a dunk around soil also.

    Sometimes gnat eggs come in organic soil.

    Sorry forgot letting the soil dry helps as well, Try letting cup get completely dry then watering from the bottom where roots get more water than top part where majority of gnats are.

    I've used diatomaceous earth for a worm bin gnat infestation. It didn't do much if anything. They were crawling right out of it, and back in around 2-3 inches worth. Letting my bin dry, without adding organic material helped, just my own experience with diatomaceous
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  4. pot them up give them as much light as you get at 77f/25c at top most leaf,

    I lay uncooked French fries on top, check daily to remove the grubs

    good luck
  5. Low humidity can cause twisting like that too, and yes yellow sticky tabs everywhere especially on soil, also try food grade diatomaceous earth sprinkled in first inch or so and top of ur soil as well!
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    I want to comment pic one . That leaf in the picture . faded color . This is a plant virus starting . It may or may not be a issue later . 99 percent it will be ok. Mostly this will only spread very slowly or stop. But i have seen it spread through the entire plant and cause issues . I always was able to harvest .
    issue two. You have no clue how much light your dumping onto these plants . Your guessing . To much light can cause a lot of issues were seeing . This is very new with these new leds .
    Suggest turning that light to 25 % for a week . Post new pics . I bet those plants will be much more happy .
    For others .Now lets not get into the ow if it was to much light it be burnt or discolored or twisted out ridges on the leaves. These new leds are giving a lot of issues your not sure how to diag yet were all learning . A meter is 100 percent needed to measure light in all stages of plant growth .Just 25 bucks. I think its to much light in that stage causing the twisted plants . I have seen this before
    EDITED AGAIN ! Wipe the bottom of the leaf that has that discolored. Is it slim or wet ? Or do you see a worm like thing there ????
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  7. Seedlings barely need light. I use CFL bulbs in my tent for seedlings. Till they get atleast ast big as the 1 gallon. Then start the LED fixture(s) dimmed..

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  8. To be fair I'm not guessing, I'm using the chart given by SpiderFarmer. SF2000_46c8e9bc-62c8-47cb-9d9a-6342c441da1a-1024x1024.jpg

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  9. That is not accurate . If you think it is go with it . Very incorrect .
    Why everybody is not doing things correctly today i dont get it . Best of luck with your plants . Happy holidays .
  10. @bryan oconner
    I used to like you, and think you knew most of what you talked about. Here lately you've been talking straight outta your ass, on every thread ive seen you comment on. Like you've regressed instead of gain knowledge.
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  11. I was trying to help the guy. i know what is wrong with that plant . But he wants to go by a website then he so go for it . Instead of buying the proper tools to grow these plants with these powerful led lamps . Thanks for your opinion.

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