Why does the joint on my rig get hot only after one dab?

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    I need help distinguishing the reacquiring issue of my female joint on my rig--where I place my thermal banger happens to get crazy hot and burns to the touch and the the only simple solution I found was to grab a little drop down and place it in there but it still got my joint hot only after a few dabs now and being still an issue my solution is to all that is try and take out my banger out of my rig every time I take my dab... this is all so confusing when I've had this rig thru about a month now and the previous Grailed quartz banger I had on didn't had any hint of this problem (being that I could take like 10 dabs in a single sesh and be chilling without the joint being hot enough to ever be noticed.) This only started after I got some new and cheaper quartz bangers from some local but good headshops including the thermal p banger I got. I do not know if it just happens to be cheaper bangers or them even being glass bangers? I'm hoping this is a just a quick easy fix but I hate this whole process and would love to have just a my banger in my rig without the extra drop down preferably.
  2. I have a grail banger, and even right after it's torched I can still touch it where it meets my rig's joint. I suspect your thermal banger is either glass or paper thin quartz to transfer that much heat.
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  3. See the thing is that it isn't too hot to the touch right after I torch her up, It only starts to get noticeable hot right after I take my dab and the second right after.

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