Why does my cat yawn when I yawn?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Meursault, May 13, 2011.

  1. And, for that matter, why does anyone yawn?
  2. Because he's a copycat! :p
  3. Because you bore him.
  4. Maybe the cat is thinkin, "Why does he yawn when I yawn" ?
  5. My cat seems to be more of the persuation that:

    - If I don't sleep, why do my human sleep? Must be put a stop to. And if standing on my humans chest meowing do not do the trick, licking his ear do!

    - My food is my food, and my humans food is my food too. Though my human can keep that awfull garlicy and chilli crap he insist on bringing home for us, I mean, me. But my human do please me when Burgers, Hot-Dogs, Eggs'n'Bacon and not least Pizza is on the menu. Though he do not seem that intent on sharing the goodness, unless some hairy paw manage to snatch a piece.

    - My human seem to love playing - staring into a screen. That will not do. My human is supposed to play with me for meows sake! Walking over that plasticy thingie in front of the screen with all the buttons on it, do seem to get his attention. Also lying down on the cord of that little thing he moves around a lot garners great success in the cuddle department.

    -My human have great potential as my servant, but the training is not quite done yet. Cats Rule!
  6. lol, I yawned after reading the title...haha

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