Why does music sound better when high?

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  1. It's pretty common knowlege that listening to music when stonned is a hell of a trip, and even though I usually just unquestioningly bathe in the awesome rythyms and texture of whatever I'm listening to, I was just wondering what exactly is it that makes it sound so much better?

    Does THC make our brain more ticklish to the sound of music? Do we just concentrate more on what we're listening to? Why are some sounds and melodies particuliarily cool when high? Anyone have any theories?

    Ah well, till I figure it out I guess all I can do trip out
    *puts on headphones, listens to some Floyd*

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  2. I don't know man, but i don't know where i'd be without pot and music... seriously...

    Haha i read this thread at a good time.

    I woke up late today, smoked a joint, now im just drinking my coffee, listening to some neil young and about to go to work. haha, gonna be a good day!

    I'm interested to see some people's theories on this, though.
  3. I've heard that there are cannabis receptors in some of the same areas in the brain that process music.

    haha rasta, my day has been almost identical so far... Wake up late and take bong rips, then drink some coffee and listen to music (Bisco). I'm headin to my first class in about 5 minutes
  4. haha awesome :hello:
  5. for a question... why do you like bisco so much? can you tell me some good songs cuz i just dl'ed two shows off of archive and theyre not sounding that great live.

    but yea, i dont know how i would function without music, itunes is ALWAYS on.
  6. Here is my best shot at an answer. Your brain is left and right. Pot enters the brain and shuts down the left brain, that part which is in charge of rational thinking. The right brain is left in charge, which is the intuitive side. Without the left brain screaming at you all the time, you can hear the music better.

    Finally, pot is like a relaxant. It makes you relax, although some relate the need to get up and go, a sativa high type of thing. When you relax the signals your brain receives from your aching body are no longer so intense, allowing your brain to focus on the music.

    Some music is composed of electronic devices to stone you. This does not necessarily take you to a new and better place. Classical music transports you and allows you to go through a substantial trip, that could have lasting and positive effects.

    The ultimate answer is to be found in the eastern religions, which allow you to reach new highs using meditation and related technuiques.

    Does the music sound better, or are YOU in a more receptive mood? The question could be: What does the drug do to my body that allows me to hear the music differently?
  7. ohh man i know exactly what u mean

    ive heard shit in songs that i NEVER heard in YEARS of listening to them while blown
  8. one album
    Dark Side Of The Moon

    fuckin amazing.
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  9. YES!!!!!!! It’s totally amazing. I am an amateur musician/singer. At 50, I just dilly dally now with professional gear. When high, music is so unbelievably amazing. I hear even more detail to the song. I’ve figured it out. Pot takes away anxiety, etc. so that extra brainpower goes right to my ears. I hear amazing better when high. It’s like having superpowers.

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