Why Do You Think Weed Is The Best Drug?

Discussion in 'General' started by Zimed, May 15, 2006.

  1. because sometimes i cant get LSD:p
  2. no, weed is not a drug. cocaine is the best drug
  3. youre right, neither is tobacco or alcohol :rolleyes:
  4. You can control the doses so easily, I can choose to smoke a bowl and function for the whole day or I can choose to get retarded...
  5. Because Marijuana is best!
  6. I don't consider weed a drug compared to hardcore drugs like -coke-speed- and soo on and even alcohol which I think has soo many bad sideaffects after binge drinking.

    Cannabis - You do not become dependent on which leads to withdrawls - addiction.

    I use Cannabis as recreational substance and health reasons as well. I would get irate really easily, have anxiety a lot and after smoking some, my mindset is clear and stress levels go down.

    I have a state wide club card, and it is really nice..

    some other drugs that I am prescribed on right now for a works comp back strain injury


    Ill say if done like once a week or in a while, it is a great mix. I have experianced how fast you can become dependent on these and right when you get to that spot is when you stop, but I guess most can't and get addicted. sometimes I take 2-3 a day daily, not for recreational use but I was in pain and wow after like 2 weeks I had withdrawl for a day or two and was noo fun. like I said up top once I felt dependence I stopped even though I had pain. try to do them every other day if needed so you don't get dependent.

    cannabis is not like that, i smoke the night before and found out I had drug testing in a week from now and just stopped the next day and felt fine for the week, all though I wanted to smoke, I didn't have any withdrawls. Passed due to a drink btw too.
  7. I personally think the ranking of drugs goes :

    E (MDMA)
  8. noo....

    ecstasy is better....

    but cocaine is in second place
  9. Ecstasy can also be more dangerous, as it can contain hidden chemicals and drugs (meth, coke, heroin....) why is E better?
  10. well have you tried it before?

    try it and you'll know why
  11. There are many reasons why I would favor weed over LSD/SHROOMS/COKE/ALCHOHOL (only things I've done)

    1) It is easy to get. If you live in a dorm or city or even a suburb, weed is around you somewhere easily.

    2) It is not as harmful as alot of the other drugs out there. Everytime you get drunk, that's your brain cells not getting enough oxegen/water. When you get high, well I still don't fully understand that, but THC is not damaging anything.

    Now in comparison to coke/alchohol which are also readily available, it is MUCH less harmful (especially compared to coke).

    3) It is a good social and solo drug. I can be high as a kite and just chilll out to some music or I can be high as a kite around some friends. With alchohol, you have that social crave, unless you're a drunk :p.

    4) I don't loose too much of my normal functions. With LSD/Shrooms u aren;t going to look normal. And when you're on shrooms u won't give a fuck whether or not you do. But with weed (unless I smell like it), i can walk fine (not with alchohol)/speak fine (most of the time).

    Also, i always noticed that it takes a bit for me to tell if someone is high if I dont see the tell tale signs (smell/red eyes). But if yer stumbling around (drunk), or askin me my im changing colors (trippin) or speaking 30+ words per second (coked out) I'm gonna notice.

    5) It has some great ass effects for: relaxation/music depth/euphoria/fatigue fighter/senses. And I love sex high (not to be a perv). but a good busted nut high is :hello:

    6) No hang over. My thinking is a bit blunted for a couple of hours the next day (3 or so) but i get it back. I dont have to have a whole half day of an intense headache.

    7) It wont make me puke if I have to much and I cant OD on it. With coke u can OD. Alc u can OD and puke. Shrooms u can puke. LSD u can just wish u would puke lol.

    8) There are so many ways to consume it. U can eat it/vape it/bong it/roll it. BUT U BETTA PASS IT!

    The only real downside is how long it stays in your system. Damn fat solubility. :D
  12. ahaha, this man must really love marijuana

    cudo's to you sir
  13. So I'm not the only one eh? +rep
  14. It's a special, magical, healing herb!
    It's not a drug! :'(
  15. Oh I'm like that with everything I like lol. I like giving details so I leave as many questions unanswered as possible ;x

    I actually don;t toke too often but i do love when I do ;p

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