Why do you smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Funkzilla420, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I cant remember why i smoke anymore i kinda just enoy the high without thinking why haha.
    But now im 2 bowl packs in and thinking...why do people smoke herb?
    So lemmie hear it. Why do yous smoke?
  2. Because it relaxes me and makes me feel good, without any aftermath consequences.
  3. Haha is that all it is though? i mean i can drink for fun too without leagal repercussions but i still prefer toking.
  4. Because I don't drink nor do any other kind of drug, so I deserve a little bit of green every once in a while. And it helps my insomnia issues. Helps shut my brain down and lets me drift off to sleep.

    It's so funny because people my age (im 23) don't understand why I don't really drink (I do drink on occasion). I always say... "I'm just more of a smoker". Drinking just grosses me out for the most part and makes people messy. Thank god for mj.
  5. Pretty much dude. I don't really drink that much either, so thats probably why I smoke more often too.
  6. Helps with depression. Makes social gatherings more enjoyable. I like the adventures that I go on stoned because there's always something out of the ordinary happening.
  7. Weed does make every task seem like an adventure... it makes you have that "let loose, careless" feeling. Love that.
  8. It lets me forget for a moment that there are big problems in this world, and stupid shit I don't want to have to do every day, and just allows me to enjoy the simple things and be content.

    Everyone says how great life would be if we all just took time to smell the roses or something like that. Well, when we smoke, we can pause all the bullshit and smell the hell out of some roses.

  9. pure fun. nothing else
  10. I don't drink because its poison . i don't smoke cig's becuase lung cancer runs in my family even in non smokers . I need some kinda fix :D but yea i love weed thats why i smoke it . for fun , sleep , boredom , if im feeling grumpy it fixes that to :smoke:
  11. Because it feels great, and it makes boring routines not boring.
  12. When I'm high it gives me a completely different outlook on life compared to when I'm sober. I personally smoke just to relax and think a bit, but then again I also smoke to have fun, enjoy anything more, and it's a pretty much completely harmless way to alter my state of mind.
  13. To get away from all of my problems in life
  14. Because it's the only way you can watch an episode of spongebob with friends, laughing your ass off, only to realize, you have had it paused for 20 minutes.
  15. Haha, I used to use it for that, but you gotta face your problems, or they wont go away.

    Sorry, just wanted to add in my 2 cents.
  16. cause i like to get fucked up. whatever be running through my blood
  17. I smoke because I enjoy everything about cannabis. I love the taste, I love the smell, I love that feeling when you take a hit of dank and you instantly notice your perception change, I love how it makes my mind unravel and makes me really think everything through, and I especially love how it makes me really appreciate the smaller things in life. There's much more about it that I love but I want this post to actually get read instead of skimmed over lol.
  18. I get high just to experience the world in a different way...opens your mind more, ya know? lets you see shit from a twisted perspective. opens the floodgates in your brain.
    plus its just plain old fucking fun:hello:
  19. I mainly smoke because it makes me think and makes me much more curious about the world. It makes everything more enjoyable.

    It's the only time i actually stop and really think about my life. It helps me clear my head from all the useless shit and really think about myself, my thoughts, my actions . After that, i'll just go on thinking about our Mankind, the history of the world, our impact...

    ex: The other day while blazing in my garden, a skunk passed right by me. I didn't really know what to do. High as fuck i decided it was time to get informed and now i know everything about those animals. I would have just moved away and be pissed about the smell if i was sober. ahah

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