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Why do you smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by xCeeTee, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. So I'm just wondering how many possibilities there can be to toke, do you guys toke for fun, to get high or for medical? Lemme know
    I started first for recreational use, after years of getting told 'how much damage it does' in school I thought I'd try it once. Done some research online after and found how great it could be, then a few weeks later I was stoned when going to bed, I've suffered with insomnia since I was a little kid and it just floated me off into my own dream land. It's helped quite a bit with my glaucoma and I literally feel no side effects other than red eyes. 

  2. I started using cannabis regularly to combat the pain in my wrist after I has surgery in January because I didn't want to take the pain killers that the doctor prescribed me. Now I just smoke because I like getting high and relaxing at the end of day

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  3. I smoke it to be cool.
  4. I do it simply for the fact that it's fun!!! Haha I really can't think of another thing that I can have an ABSOLUTLEY

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    Great time for an hour or so! Haha

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  5. Definitely started as a recreational thing for me but it was a happy accident that it helped me to stop overanalyzing everything.
  6. procrastination
  7. Appreciation: I appreciate hobbies, nature, food, sex, music, movies, tv, sports, etc. alot more when I blaze.
    and on a spiritual level I feel more awake/aware.
    It's not like other drugs. Other drugs are about escape. Cannabis is about smelling the roses and appreciating the world around you.
  8. I started smoking to try and alleviate depression I had at the time and ended up enjoying it. Since then cannabis has played and will continue to play a large role in my life as I continue to learn more about it. For me, cannabis is something that in my life I do treat as sacred or divine in a literal and respectful way. I also smoke to relieve pain from a back injury that affects a lot of my body as an alternative to just using opioid painkillers, as well as a GI disorder they're still trying to diagnose. Without cannabis I have an extremely hard time eating, sleeping, focusing... helps with a lot for me since I am in constant pain regardless of the circumstances so I can take my mind off the pain and function normally. Herb is holy.
  9. I was always very anti-drug, but when I was on vacation in Netherlands with my parents, they wanted to try weed and I convinced them to give me some as well. I just decided that it won't harm me and wanted to try it. Then I smoked some more back at home and my opinion on this matter drastically changed. Now I smoke mostly to enhance my feelings and reality or to stop thinking about some emotional problems for a while.
  10. Peer pressure..... just kidding.
    I like to think of the holy herb as "life seasoning".
    Sure, eggs are great by themselves. Gooey yolk and crispy egg white, what's not to like? Plus you get plenty of nutrition.
    That doesn't mean I'm not going to smother them delicious little bastards with hot sauce, ground black pepper, ketchup, what have you.
    Life's too short not to enjoy your eggs.
    Or something.
  11. 1. To get fucked up
    2. To expand my mind
    3. Because I like how it tastes and smells
    4. For musical creativity
    5. Escape from reality
  12. I work a physically demanding job for 9-14 hours a day so needless to say I'm sore as shit when I get home. Taking a couple bong rips makes the day not seem so long
  13. It's weed or psych meds, weed is generally more fun!
  14. medication and recreation, cousin
  15. I do it just to have fun or chill out. For me it's just like getting drunk....
    except I don't get sick, i don't puke, i sleep well, I can walk around, it doesn't make me fatter, I don't feel bloated, I can still function etc etc
  16. b-cuz its boring most of the time.
  17. Too many party smokers.
    We need more rastas, buddhas, and jedi.
  18. I smoke away my body's tension, my mind's worries, and my soul's pain.

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