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Why do you smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Michael, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Why do you smoke?
    When did you start?
    Before you started smoking, did you think it was bad?
    Describe your first time high:
  2. I smoke to ease pain.
    Don't remember exactly how old I was when I started.
    I never thought it was good or bad before smoking it.
  3. I like to smoke and don't want tobacco.
  4. Before I smoked I thought it was bad but then did my homework and found I was very wrong :smoking: I smoke it because it feels great and cleanses me somehow.
  5. 1) Smoke because I enjoy it, and it helps deal with stress and helps me sleep at night
    2) 3 years ago
    3) Yep
  6. I smoke because I like it.
    Maybe when I was 15/16

  7. I started 2 gat damn years ago
    I thought it was for miscreants.
    It didn't do nothing then I talked to my boy and he hooked me up wit sum red diesel and I laughed so gat damn much.
    So to answer yo query I smoke cuz I gat damn feel like it and I ain't care what anybody thinks.
  8. Hmm... strange

    4 years ago when I was 14
    It helps me not give a fuck about all the messed up shit in society, and I feel one with nature cause I chill in my garden
    and I was open to the idea before so no
  9. I smoke because it makes almost everything enjoyable
    i started about 4 years ago
  10. Why do you smoke? mainly because it feels good. but it also helps with my chronic migraines and ibs and it just really helps me be normal... before weed i didnt have many friends and and i was just socially awkward. and now im not :)
    When did you start? 9 months ago
    Before you started smoking, did you think it was bad? no, i supported weed and knew that it was a good drug but man... if i knew how much it would help me i would have started smoking a long time ago
    Describe your first time high: superbaked. there was a delay between what i was seeing and hearing and feeling... everything was out of sync. i almost greened out actually... and i was at school too. i just sat with the other stoners in the class and just described what i felt....
  11. It makes me feel happier & more content with my life. It eleminates boredom too, and renews my interests in things that ive grown tired of.

    I find that taking a chemically-induced "vacation" from my usual fears/worries, just makes me feel healthier.

    Everyone is different, but i really do feel that it is extending *my* life.

    Well let me make a correction here: smoking anything is bad because of the carbon monoxide. I think that eating/vaping as needed for medicinal use would extend *my* life.

    On the flip side, i think that abusing it is detrimental. You know the type of smokers im talking about. The "addictive personality"/"more = better" types. The guys who just smoke, smoke, smoke, all day long and act like crackheads when they run out.
  12. relaxation, opens my mind & gives me a new perspective. helps with sleeping and eating probs. & its honestly just a hobby of mine.
    since like highschool.
    yeah. one year i was all straight edge and then the next i was the complete opposite... found the happy middle though.
    the first time i smoked i didn't get high. the first time i got truly high was like the 2nd or 3rd time i smoked and i took two hits out of a gravity bong after smoking a blunt... i was so fucking ripped, highest in my life, hahah. at one point i thought i was stuck in time.
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    oops, i didnt read the OP before posting.

    1: already answered

    2: I've been smoking off and on (mostly off) for about 17 years.

    3: Before i tried it, of course i thought it was bad. Its illegal, and i trusted what authority figures had told me.

    4: The 1st time i got high it was like riding a slow moving roller coaster while feeling all warm & fuzzy. Very much a hallucinogen type of experience the 1st few times i used it. Closed eye travelling through a fuzzy warm light tunnel that was synchronized with the 'rollercoaster' rising/falling. EDIT: and extreme munchies. Eating till i puked a few times. Now it no longer has much effect on my apetite. Helps me lose weight by destracting me from eating lol.
  14. I smoke primarily for pleasure.. the taste, flavor and ceremony of it all, is just very enjoyable and relaxing for me.. and for fast relief against my symptoms (a cyclic vomiting syndrome I've had since childhood around puberty is the worst, among other things).

    I take edible oils, capsules and assorted canna snacks and meals, for a more efficient, true and deep medicinal relief. Edibles can be MUCH stronger and their effects will last much longer, when compared to smoking the same amount of herb.

    I had an interest in growing cannabis when I was VERY young, I planted my first seeds shortly after I became ill, but long before I even started using it (I liked plants, and being a kid I thought a 'naughty' plant would be the most fun to grow). My parents, and even my best friend had no idea I was growing; since you asked, back then, I thought cannabis was closer to the 'demon drug' that the prohibitionists forcibly claimed it was, and I kept my little hobby very secret.. I didn't even harvest, I just let them die naturally :p I started self-medicating later on as a teenager/young adult, and it was a while before I really realized it was helping.
    It took a few years, I'm sad to say, before I made the connection that during my heavier weeks I was rarely having any symptoms, let alone my usual 'attacks', and that I always felt immensely better during the 24 hours or so after smoking. Even before I realized how much it was helping, I'd probably only bought two or three bags, before thinking to myself, "to heck with this, I'm going back to making my own, and this time I'm using it!"

    Now, it's what I do on a daily basis :)

    I wake up, tend to my plants, sift and make some hash, start up a new batch or two of canna and hash oil, then strain and bottle a batch or two I started the day before, then I tend to my plants a few more times in between cooking, writing and doing house work, then it's back to bed and it starts all over again the next day.. I'm a caregiver, and where gifting between patients is allowed, I donate all the meds I make between crops, things like edible snacks and meals, tinctures, oils and flowers, that I don't use myself :yay:

    This year, I've actually added a video camera to my grow room arsenal :) I'm presenting at this year's Cannabis World Summit, and have nearly two hours of footage to put together! :eek:

    (Here's a little "Pre-Sneak Preview" we just put up a day or two ago)...

    [ame=""]Cannabis World Summit & BadKittySmiles - "Sneak-Sneak Preview"! - YouTube[/ame]

    So I smoke because it makes me healthier, more productive, more energetic and because I simply think we should be allowed to do so - most of the food on your grocery store shelves is more toxic and worse for your body than cannabis.

    And if you can't smoke it, then eat it!

    We've had an almost symbiotic relationship with cannabis since the dawn of recorded history, it's one of our oldest domesticated crops and we invented and learned modern irrigation techniques, as we know them today, by growing cannabis in ancient times. It's not only healthy, and it not only regulates our bodies and our natural endocannabinoid systems very well, but it is also a MUCH bigger part of our culture and history than most items we eat and use on a day to day basis.

    The next time a prohibitionist tells you that it's not safe because it "hasn't been studied enough", just tell them you could say the same about the materials in their shoes, that snickers bar in their hands, and the popped corn they enjoy, because both historically and in recent times, we've had much less experience with those things and their ingredients, than we've had with cannabis, and medically and scientifically those items have triggered many more red flags than cannabis ever did.

    And it's not like the government wasted millions of dollars, trying to prove how bad corn is for you....

    They actually did that with cannabis, they even made any attempts at positive studies ILLEGAL, and they still came up empty handed. :cool:

    Meanwhile, we're left to discover for ourselves, almost by accident, just how detrimental different foods, preservatives and prescription drugs can be.

    When it comes to virtually everything else besides cannabis, the government and prohibitionists have had zero qualms with haphazardly releasing toxic food additives too soon, and they've shown no concern with our being their obedient little guinea pigs. They're more than happy that they've left us to pay out of our own pockets, to trial substances that eventually turn out to be very harmful indeed. :(
  15. I always feel amazing after vaporized T.HC. hits my brain.
  16. cause i like it:smoking:
  17. I smoke weed because it makes me feel good and it is impossible for me to feel mad or sad when im high. It also helps my insomnia.

    I started when i was 17.

    I thought weed was bad and all who smoked it were burnt out losers.

    My first time high was good an bad. My friends and i hotboxed a barn. I took like 5 hits from a joint an didnt feel anything and was bummed. As soon as i started to complain i felt a wave of euphoria and started clapping like " oh boy". After that when i talked my voice sounded like mickey mouse but everyone elses sounded normal. I guess auditory hallucinations? I also was unable to stand. I stayed seated for 45 minutes chillen and then drove a 4 wheeler around with my friends.... It was a good night
  18. To get untangled.
  19. I smoke to relax and really be able to think about things

    I was 13

    and yea I graduated DARE thinking I would never smoke
  20. Because I like to feel good


    As a teenager I didn't take much interest in it but didn't consider it bad just something I didn't do (mainly because of my friends)

    I smoked alone in my room, it was pretty intense and lasted for a good 4-5 hours

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