Why do you smoke cigarettes?

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  1. So I'm just curious as to why people smoke cigarettes. Why did you start smoking them? Like what was the point? I can't see why anybody on earth would smoke but yet like 1 billion people do.
  2. Because I was young and stupid. Nasty disgusting habit.
  3. because shane McGowan is my hero
    nah..just kiddin, cause i started young and can't/don't want to
    if it ends up the death of me oh well
    atleast for once i finally got what i paid for
  4. I enjoy them.
  5. When I was younger, I was known for being an extremely bright kid and was often said to have an old soul.

    I don't care how old a soul is or how much intelligence he may posses, but no ten year old child is educated enough to know the hazards and risks associated with smoking.

    So, like an ignorant boy, I picked up the habit.

    Thank goodness for finally waking up and looking at the harsh reality of lung damage.
  6. My lungs felt like shit a month after starting, wasnt hard to quit.
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    Because I was stupid. I'm not really sure. I just started bumming from friends and then started buying packs.
  8. I started because to me it was just another substance I could abuse.

    I smoke today because I'm addicted.
  9. Because I'm addicted.

    I started because everyone at uni would go out for smoke breaks and I'd be left sitting alone in the lecture hall.
  10. It relieves stress, and helps me focus, calms nerves, helps with confidence; Honestly i believe tobacco is not addictive unless you let it be addictive, i use tobacco everyday and im not addicted, i get withdrawals from caffeine though, For ME, caffeine is more addictive than tobacco, but everyones different
  11. Do you guys think being a stoner makes you more honest about it?

    I've talked to a lot of friends who smoke about it, and they tend to duck it/wont face the fact that they are addicted

  12. Yeah I have a friend that wont smoke weed anymore cause he "doesn't want to get addicted"

    But he'll go through 3-4 packs of cigs a week. Every time anybody says anything to him, he just replies "I can quit whenever man"

    But he's been saying that for the past 2 years. He's definitely hooked
  13. maybe your friends that don't smoke mary jane don't know how to differentiate between an addictive and a non-addictive substance. Where people who smoke both mj and tobacco could tell you clearly which is addictive
  14. Because it's cool.

    I dunno.... never had a cigarette but I do enjoy cigars from time to time.

  15. Shit man, that sucks. Think we can both shake our heads at the irony of him not wanting to 'get addicted' to weed while smoking cigs. It seems to absurd that in a modern, educated, intelligent society, a thing such as weed is illegal, while cigarette corporations flourish.

    People like that can be really hard to get through to, tho, and you don't wanna get too much in their face about it, y'know? I used to date a girl who dumped me because I was stressing her about the cigs. whatcanyado
  16. You know thats the addiction talking right? If you quit you would be way less stressed, focus more, be calmer, AND be more confident. Take it from me, I know.
  17. Because I can.

    Oh and stress.

  18. Im really not addicted, you can be "addicted" to anything, although you wont have physical symptoms on other things, quitting smoking is easy as i dont have withdrawals, because i'm completely different than someone else

  19. Im completly different than you, what you experience will not be the same for me
  20. Well if you smoke every day then I'm pretty sure that's not true, if not then good for you

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