Why do you smoke cigarettes?

Discussion in 'General' started by dudeindistress3, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I don't, mainly because I hate the smell of it.
  2. First of all because im addicted.
    Also i like the taste of my cigarettes, If im not smoking i dunno what to do with my hand. I like the smoke in my lungs.

    I've had so many close calls with death that my lucks gonna run out sooner or later anyway, i can almost guarantee i wont die from smoking.
  3. Thats really the reason right there.
  4. The nicotine rush goes completely after like 1-2 years of smoking. I smoke because I find it satisfying. Wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee with a fag, it's a very nice feeling. It' also great when you're stressed, as well as being social.
  5. [quote name='"Spark It29"']

    Well then I don't get why you're talking smack to people that are addicted? Calling them weak-minded? Out of the millions and millions that are addicted, you're not the strongest-willed person man. I don't understand that statement, especially because of what you said about your dad...

    To answer your question though, I smoke them to get lightheaded after smoking weed or eating a meal, since I barely smoke them.[/quote]

    I never said I was the strongest willed? And addiction runs in my family. I didn't think I was talking smack just giving my opinion. What statement don't you understand?
  6. Agreed with your post and LSD's. I've gotten broken up and almost died too many times to care about the health effects. I've actualy considered a DNR order in case of brain damage/coma but for right now the family knows. I don't care about how it effects my health to the point I make sure I light up a cig before I do something stupid. Might as well get a drag in before I go....

    Plus I don't just get a buzz in the morning. After working all day without being able to smoke its a huge buzz and stress reliever. Even though smoking increases stress I think it takes more away then it causes for me.

    Cancer scares me but alot of things scare me.
  7. qft:wave::cool:
  8. some people started off on cigarettes, before they smoked weed. my first thing I ever smoked was weed, i smoke cigarettes atm i'm trying to stop it is hard to stop smoking cigarettes when you have no draw infront of you to smoke
  9. thats a bit of a blanket statement im by no means weak minded but i smoke cigarettes, you obviously never did smoke and goos for you but it doesnt mean you can preach at people who do
  10. I dipped for the past 5 years and smoked cigs a lot on and off during those years. Don't get me wrong I loved dipping and smoking a lot. But I knew the sooner I quit the better. The more years you do it for the harder it is to quit. I haven't dipped or smoked for almost 3 weeks now and I feel great. Only tobacco I'll do now is the occasional blunt ( filled with weed obviously)
  11. [quote name='"stonerchick1990"']
    thats a bit of a blanket statement im by no means weak minded but i smoke cigarettes, you obviously never did smoke and goos for you but it doesnt mean you can preach at people who do[/quote]

    I'm not trying to offend anybody but I see no plausible reason to smoke. You're killing yourself, feeding the fucking government, spending money, getting addicted, for what? I just don't see why everybody doesn't quit or not start in the first place. I'm honestly not trying to sound better than anybody who smokes tho. I do my fair share of stupid shit
  12. i don't. weed only.
  13. For me it's a time-killer. I'm so bored all day, a nice relaxing cigarette can cure that. And its not that I can't quit cigarettes, its just everyone around me (Family, Friends) smoke, so I may need to distance myself from everyone for awhile.
  14. Cigs are good time fillers but I prefer the buzz you get after lifting or running to cigs any day.
  15. ice breaker and time killer.
    mainly because of the whole they're-really-fucking-addicting thing though.
  16. I did for a while but I henceforth stopped.

    I did it as a stress reliever than as a social thing.

    I hated the stink and it was killing my cardio.
  17. who the fuck cares what/why anybody else does what they do?

    I usually have a cigarette maybe like once or twice a month. I recognize that I enjoy them a ton (although obviously I don't enjoy having cig breath/odor) so I only have them occasionally for my own benefit.
  18. Depends on what chemical I'm on..
  19. I used to becuase I liked it, Then I got some what addicted then I quit. know I just smoke when im with freinds or bored.
  20. When I'm drunk or even high it's sooo nice to have some cigs. Sober is meh.

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